Does excess skin increase the chance of double eyelid fold loss?

Asian Eyelid SurgeryIn patients with excess eyelid skin, performing a double-fold eyelid surgery using the non-incision or the thread method carries a high chance of eyelid fold-loss. Many patients choose to receive non-incision double eyelid surgery or the thread method to make the double lidded eyes. However, certain patients are good candidates and some are not. This is because non-incision double eyelid surgery or the thread double eyelid surgery does not use the mechanism of scar formation to create the double lid. In Asian blepharoplasty or Korean eyelid surgery, there is an incision method or a non-incision method. The non-incision method, also known as the thread method, is a unique method where the skin of the eyelid is not cut to make the fold. Therefore, a monolid can be converted to double eyelid without leaving a scar on the double lidded eyes. For this reason, the thread method double eyelid surgery has become a popular form of Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery. However, the thread method has the downside of potentially losing the double lid fold after some time.

One of the important factors that will determine whether or not the patient will lose the double eyelid fold if there is excess upper eyelid skin. This is because patients with excess eyelid skin will have excess weight that will push down on the double lid. This weight will inhibit the double eyelid fold from invaginating fully. The excess weight will also make the double lid slide and make the double eyelid fold to loosen or become smaller. Therefore, if the patient has monolid with excess eyelid skin, then it is advisable to undergo incision double eyelid surgery where the excess skin is removed. If the patient with the excess skin insists on having a suture technique, then the double eyelid fold has to be created in a high position to create a high or large double lid. But again, a high double eyelid fold will still have a greater chance of losing the double eyelid fold than a smaller double eyelid fold.

Dr. Kenneth Kim – Eyelid Specialist

Dr. Kenneth Kim performs the suture double eyelid surgical technique. Dr. Kim has performed numerous revision surgeries to restore the double eyelid after the initial surgery has lost its power to hold double eyelid fold. Dr. Kenneth Kim will either perform a double eyelid surgery again by the non-incision method or with the incision method. Located in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Kenneth Kim has worked with numerous leading South Korean plastic surgeons to determine why double eyelid folds loosen over time. During the consultation, Dr. Kim will explain the options available to you for correcting a loose double eyelid fold and recommend an Asian eyelid surgery or Korean eyelid surgery method that will best correct the lost double lid.

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