Double eyelid formation after tape or glue

People who apply tape or glue to their upper eyelids can form a double eyelid crease. But the double eyelid crease is not actually a double eyelid fold in that it can easily go away throughout the day.

If a person has hers or his natural lower double eyelid fold, then a triple fold may appear. A triple fold or a crease above a double eyelid fold appear because the crease that was created by the tape or glue is not strong enough to flatten the lower natural double eyelid fold.

The way to correct this problem of multiple eyelid folds or crease is to surgically create a double eyelid fold at the patient’s desire height. When a double eyelid fold is surgically created, the force of depression is stronger than the natural double eyelid fold. Therefore, you only see the higher newly created double eyelid fold.