Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery and eyelid elevating muscle

What exactly is double eyelid?  Simply put, double eyelid surgery is making a connection between the overlying skin to the underlying eyelid elevating muscle called levator aponeurosis.  Double eyelid surgery can be a very simple surgery if the underlying eyelid muscle function optimally and evenly.  When the muscle functions normally and if the patients do not have excess overlying skin, a plastic surgeon can simply do a suture double eyelid surgery where one would not have to make an incision.  However, many patients without double eyelid fold or patients with small natural double eyelid folds either have weak eyelid elevating muscle or they have asymmetry of the eyelid elevating muscle.  Many people wonder why their eyelid muscles are weak or uneven.  The weakness of eyelid elevating muscle can be congenital in that you are born with inherent weak eyelid muscle or it can be acquired as you mature in age.  Eyelid asymmetry is not uncommon as most of our muscles in our body are uneven in strength.  Our right arm and left arm are often uneven in strength as our right and left leg.


So when our eyelid muscles are either weak or uneven, simply making a connection from the eyelid skin to the weak or uneven eyelid muscle will lead to suboptimal or fold asymmetry respectively.  In the next blog, we will discuss how the weak eyelid muscle will lead to suboptimal fold and what that exactly means.


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