Double eyelid with unilateral eyelid ptosis

When double eyelids are uneven, often it is due to eyelid ptosis.
This because many patients have uneven eyelid muscle (levator muscle) function. With unilateral eyelid ptosis, it is important to operate on both eyes simultaneously.

This is because when the weak eyelid muscle is corrected only, the other eyelid weakens. This is because the previously good eyelid was over-compensating for the weak eyelid. However, when the problematic eyelid is corrected, the upper visual field obstruction is improved and the other eyelid relaxes — does not overcompensate. Therefore, both eyelids should be corrected to even out both eyelids.

By performing ptosis surgery on both double eyelids, not only the eyes become even but the double eyelid folds are also evened out. And if the prior double eyelid folds have scars, the scar correction can also be performed at the double eyelid fold.

In the next article, we will discuss why the surgery should be performed while the patient is awake.