Why do I have sleepy or droopy eyes after double eyelid surgery?

In some case, a patient can develop sleepy or droopy eyes after Asian blepharoplasty or double fold eyelid surgery. The cause of further drooping of the eyelids is a condition called ptosis. These patients had pre-existing eyelid ptosis, which means that their eyelid elevating muscle (known as the levator muscle) was naturally weak. Unfortunately, many plastic surgeons miss this diagnosis before the double fold eyelid surgery during the consultation. This may be due to patients raising their eyelids due to the nervousness of being at a doctor’s office. Many patients are totally unaware that they have eyelid ptosis because when they look at themselves in the mirror, they tend to unconsciously raise their eyelids. The key point of Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery to be successful is that the plastic surgeon accurately diagnoses the eyelid ptosis and corrects the issue at the time of surgery.

Another reason why patients look sleepy or have droopy eyelids after double eyelid surgery is that during their surgery, scar tissue accumulates where the monolid is created. Double fold eyelid surgery typically involves making an incision and fixating the deeper layer of eyelid tissue such as the levator aponeurosis or the tarsus.

However, during this process, there can be scar formation caused by coagulating and bleeding. The heat that is delivered to the eyelid tissue can create a significant scar that will add extra weight to the eyelid. Therefore, after the double fold eyelid surgery, the patient will notice the increased weight. It is extremely important to operate and limit bleeding so that there would be minimal internal tissue damage while the double lid is created. This principle applies to all Asian eyelid and Korean eyelid surgery.

Double Eyelid Specialist Dr. Kenneth Kim

Dr. Kenneth Kim puts extra attention towards examining the patient’s preoperative eyelid muscle function during the consultation. Thus, if the patient has eyelid ptosis, then he will recommend performing eyelid ptosis repair at the time of the double fold eyelid surgery. Dr. Kenenth Kim has a unique method that minimizes bleeding and tissue injury meaning the patient will avoid unnecessary internal scar formation.

Dr. Kim’s patients will experience a rapid recovery and notice improved eyelid muscle function. What this means is that rather than looking sleepy or droopy, the patients will look more awake and the eyes will feel lighter after the double eyelid surgery. Dr. Kenneth Kim is located in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California.

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