How Do I Achieve a Natural Facelift?

Natural looking facelift results

Many patients are concerned that they will receive an unnatural facelift result. This fear is not unwarranted because many of us have seen people who have had work done on their face that appears obviously pulled and unnatural. The key to achieving a natural-looking result is to avoid a procedure that simply pulls the face up. The best, most natural facelift results are achieved with a procedure that repositions the face.

So what causes that pulled-face appearance? In a rhytidectomy (the technical name for a facelift) the soft tissue of the face is lifted. The soft tissue layer is specifically called the SMAS layer. In a SMAS facelift, the layer is dissected and repositioned to the desired area. However, if the SMAS layer is not fully released, then adequate cheek lifting and lift of the lower face is not achieved, which leads to a pulled or tighten appearance. The opposite of fully releasing is known as thread facelift surgery, which is not effective in lifting and maintaining a naturally lifted look.

So why is that some plastic surgeons release all the attached tissue of the SMAS layer while other plastic surgeons do not?

The key is visibility.

What enables a plastic surgeon to see and ultimately avoid damaging vital structures is the amount of bleeding during surgery. If there is excessive bleeding during surgery, the plastic surgeon cannot distinguish between the structures that can be cut and those, such as nerves, that should be avoided. When the surgery is performed cleanly, in that there is no bleeding, the face is easier to fully release, and a cheek lift and a lower facelift can adequately be achieved without looking pulled or obviously lifted. This is the key to achieving a natural-appearing rejuvenation. This procedure is internally minimally-invasive. Patients may think that small incisions are the same as minimally invasive, but what is more important is that the soft tissue inside the body is not traumatized.

Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of natural-appearing facelift procedures. Dr. Kim also performs these procedures under local anesthesia only. He can perform cheek lift, lower facelift, and neck lift under local anesthesia because his technique does not produce bleeding. Also, Dr. Kim’s technique is minimally-invasive internally. His rhytidectomy and SMAS facelift techniques are state-of-the-art. Those interested in learning more about no-bleed facelifts can schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim at his office in Los Angeles.

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