Full cut vs partial cut double eyelid surgery

The question of whether a patient should have a full cut or full incision double eyelid surgery vs. partial cut or partial incision double eyelid surgery will be elaborated.

If a patient has excess skin, then a full incision is needed to remove the excess skin. If a patient has eyelid ptosis or eyelid asymmetry, then a full incision is also recommended to allow for full visualization of the operating field. Furthermore, after ptosis correction or eyelid asymmetry correction, the surgeon may need to cut out excess eyelid skin.

However in situations where a patient would want to create double eyelid fold only, then a partial incision can be made centrally. However, in these patients, a suture technique or mini-incision would also be required nasally (medially) and outwardly (laterally) to create the double eyelid fold at those regions. In this partial incision method, it is ironic that a weaker fold is created with a suture technique or a mini-incision technique nasally (medially) when it is that region that the fold often loosens first or easily with time. And it is important to re-emphasise that if one has any excess skin, then partial incision does not allow for one to remove excess upper eyelid skin.

Therefore, it is most optimal to perform a full incision double eyelid surgery or simply perform a non-incision suture technique double eyelid surgery where the double eyelid fold tension is uniform.

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