How do you make a double eyelid look natural?

Natural Double Eyelid Surgery

One of the simplest ways to make a double fold eyelid look natural is by performing non-incision double eyelid surgery.  This is also called a suture technique double lid surgery or a stitch double eyelid surgery. 

The advantage of this method is that the technique does not require an incision. The result looks natural because there is no scar.

Instead of an incision, a stitch is used to make the double eyelid fold.  However, this non-incision method can only be used in Asian patients without eyelid ptosis or excess skin hooding.

In patients requiring an incision to create a double lid, an open or standard double eyelid surgery is required.  In these patients, the monolid is surgically incised to create a connection from the skin to the deeper layer of the eyelid.  The deeper layers are either levator aponeurosis or the tarsal plate.  However, if this connection is not done perfectly with an equal amount of tension, then a visible scar can be seen.  Therefore, to create the most natural double lid, a same and equal tension needs to be applied uniformly along the entire monolid to convert the lid to a double lid.  The plastic surgeon must be extremely meticulous to distribute the tension along the entire monolid in these Asian patients.  In addition, in patients with eyelid ptosis, the eyelid elevating or lifting muscle needs to be tightened or strengthened in order to give a more brighter look.

Dr. Kenneth Kim

Dr. Kenneth Kim specializes in creating natural double-fold eyelids.  Dr. Kim has performed thousands of double lid surgeries where the monolid was changed to double lidded eyes.  Dr. Kenenth Kim is an expert in Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery where he collaborates with the leading plastic surgeons in South Korea.  Dr. Kim is in Los Angeles, California.  During the consultation, Dr. Kenneth Kim will show videos of eyelids opening and closing to see how natural double lids appear.

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