How does Asian nose job work?

An Asian nose job is unique from many rhinoplasty procedures. This procedure focuses on augmenting the bridge, nasal canal and tip of the nose to compliment the rest of the face. Asian rhinoplasty can be beneficial by improving the quality of life for those who have a deviated septum, correcting functional issues to enhance their breathing.

Asian rhinoplasty works for those with different needs. For those who have a flat nose, a nasal implant can be placed to accentuate the face while giving the nose more definition. For those who have a bulbous nose, this can be corrected by shaping the nose to compliment facial features. This may require removing cartilage to narrow the width of the original nostril size. Those who have a hooked nose, rhinoplasty augmentation may be beneficial for reshaping the nose and giving it a straightened look. Dorsal deformity correction is a procedure that includes cartilage or silicone implants, straightening the nasal bone or removal of excess cartilage depending on the patient’s desires and needs.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – Liquid Rhinoplasty

A non-invasive option for an Asian nose job is liquid rhinoplasty. Non-surgical nose jobs have become a popular option for those who prefer non-invasive cosmetic procedures. The liquid nose job caters to those seeking a temporary solution for a shapely nose, as well as to improve breathing for those seeking relief. Liquid nose jobs will not decrease the size of one’s nose, but rather, creates a nose that will help accentuate the features of the face.

Liquid rhinoplasty can last between six to twelve months. The benefits of having a nose job without surgery are that it is temporary since fillers eventually dissipate over time, especially if one is not pleased with the results, and the shape will revert to its previous form. If one truly does not like the outcome, the filler can be removed which will quickly restore the nose back to normal.

If you have further questions about the Asian rhinoplasty, contact Dr. Kenneth Kim and the Dream Medical Group to schedule a consultation.

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