How is eyelid surgery performed?

how is eyelid surgery performed?There are two ways to perform double fold eyelid surgery. But before we get to answering this question, we should first discuss what we are trying to achieve in Korean eyelids or Asian eyelids surgery. This surgery is about making a monolid into a double eyelid. So, rather than being called “monolid surgery,” it is called double fold eyelid surgery. The first method to create double lidded eyes is by using a suture to create the double lid. This is called a suture technique double eyelid surgery also known as non-incision double eyelid surgery. This non-cutting method of performing double eyelid surgery has many benefits such as faster healing and lower costs. However, the non-cutting method also carries a downside of an inability to remove the skin commonly found in monolids. Many Asian patients who desire double eyelid surgery or Korean eyelid surgery have excess upper eyelid skin. Therefore, they do require some skin removal of their eyelids.

The other method of performing double eyelid surgery is by cutting the eyelid skin to make the double eyelid fold. In many blepharoplasties of Asian eyes, the patients have excess eyelid skin. Therefore, cutting the skin on the monolid is necessary. If the skin is not cut during the surgery to convert monolid to double eyelid, the double eyelid fold will be too small because the excess skin will hood over the double eyelid fold or double eyelid crease.

About Dr. Kenneth Kim

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area specializing in Korean eyelid surgery and double eyelid surgery. Dr. Kenneth Kim collaborates with many of the top Korean plastic surgeons. Dr. Kim brings the latest advances and technology from South Korea to perform double eyelid surgery and Asian eyelid surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Kenneth Kim will explain the specifics of the various techniques involved in creating the most natural and beautiful double eyelid.

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