How long does it take for eyelid surgery to heal?

After eyelid surgery, the time it takes to heal depends on what kind of surgery was performed. If simple eyelid surgery was performed, then it only takes 1-2 weeks to heal.

However, if double eyelid surgery is performed, then it may take longer. Double eyelid surgery is where a monolid is surgically changed to double lid. The reason that blepharoplasty Asian eyes surgery takes longer to heal is that it is a more invasive surgery. Double fold eyelid surgery and Korean eyelids surgeries involve attaching eyelid skin to the deeper layer tarsus and eyelid elevator muscle known as the “levator aponeurosis.”

For most patients, the answer to how long it takes for eyelid surgery to heal relates to when sutures are removed, which is generally within five to seven days. In some blepharoplasty Asian eyes surgery such as lower eyelid surgery, the sutures can be removed in three to four days after surgery. As mentioned, simple blepharoplasty swelling will resolve within two weeks. However, when patients present with a monolid, the surgery where a double lid is created will take a little longer. Korean eyelid surgery uses a more sophisticated technique compared to typical Asian eyelid surgery techniques. Thus, Korean eyelid surgery swelling will resolve faster. Overall, after double fold eyelid surgery, in two weeks fifty percent of the swelling is resolved. In one month after the double fold eyelid surgery, eighty percent of the swelling is resolved. And three months after the double fold eyelid surgery, ninety to one hundred percent of the swelling is resolved.

About the Author

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Kenneth Kim specializes in fast-recovery eyelid surgery. Dr. Kim’s blepharoplasty Asian eyes surgery heals remarkably fast compared to traditional blepharoplasties because he utilizes the latest Korean eyelid techniques. Korean eyelids or Asian eyelids typically presents with monolid and therefore the surgery involves not only creating double lidded eyes but also removal of eyelid skin. Making a monolid to double eyelid is invasive but the key is to make the surgery minimally invasive. And when the eyelid surgery is performed in this fashion, then fast recovery will result from simple eyelid surgery to a more involved double eyelid surgery.

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