How often do I have to do double eyelid surgery?

Patients who have had previous double eyelid surgery often ask if they will need to have another Asian blepharoplasty done in the future.  For elderly patients, the answer is usually no, but if a patient has had double-fold eyelid surgery early in life such as during their late teens or early twenties, the patient may likely require another procedure by their forties or fifties.  This is because of the eyelid skin hoods over time. As the upper eyelids hood, the skin will make the double lid appear smaller and smaller. The double eyelid fold may also loosen naturally over time. Double eyelid folds become loose because the connective tissue that forms the double lid stretches and weakens with age.

As patients age, there are few options for revision double eyelid surgery.  One option is simply to remove excess upper eyelid skin in order to address hooding of the upper eyelid.  This can be done by removing the skin just below the eyebrow or above the double-fold eyelid. Another option is to recreate the double lid by re-performing the same double-fold eyelid surgery.  This option is recommended for those whose double eyelid fold has loosened.  

Determining when or how the procedure should be performed is always based on the specifics of the individual patient’s case. Factors such as how quickly the patient’s skin is aging, their skin’s natural collagen structure and density, and whether or not the patient has eyelid ptosis.  In patients with eyelid ptosis, the surgical technique used will move the eyebrow to help open the eyes, making the brow and upper eyelid drop. This results in making the double eyelid fold appear smaller.

About Dr. Kenneth Kim

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California.  Dr. Kim will exam the patients’ eyes and determine what kind of revision double eyelid surgery should be performed.  Also, during the consultation, he will discuss various double eyelid surgery options and how long the results will potentially last.  When choosing your options for double eyelid surgery, there are many factors to consider. Dr. Kenneth Kim will walk you through the details of the procedure, explain different double eyelid fold options, and recommend the appropriate technique that matches your needs. 

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