Is there a difference between Asian Eyelid Surgery and Korean Eyelid Surgery?

Asian Eyelid Surgery vs Korean Eyelid Surgery

Many people may think that there is no difference between Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery.  The reason for this belief is that there is no difference between eyelid surgery on Asians and eyelid surgery on Koreans. 

The Asian eyelid surgery includes double-fold eyelid surgery, which is a conversion of monolid to double eyelid. It is about creating a double lid or creating a double lidded eye.  Asian eyelid surgery also includes lower eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, eyelid ptosis surgery, and sub-brow lift surgery.  

Then, what is unique about Korean eyelid surgery? How does it differ from Asian eyelid surgery?  

Korean eyelid surgery also includes double-fold eyelid surgery and the change of the monolid to double eyelid.  The key difference is the result of the double-fold eyelid. Korean eyelid surgery often includes non-incision double eyelid surgery or the stitch method double eyelid surgery.  The advantage of this double eyelid surgery is that the results achieved look natural. In addition, the incision method double eyelid surgery also appears natural-looking in Korean eyelid surgery.  Furthermore, Korean eyelid surgery includes advances in eyelid ptosis surgery and epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty.

Simply put, Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery include the same surgeries.  However, Korean eyelid surgery includes more advanced techniques and a more natural result. 

Although double eyelid surgery is the main component of Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery, any surgery on the eyelid of Asians is considered in the two types of surgeries.   

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in all aspects of Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery.  Dr. Kim has worked with South Korean plastic surgeons to perform the most advanced Korean eyelid surgeries, with life-changing results. Dr. Kenenth Kim is in Los Angeles, California.

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