Korean Plastic Surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery is part of a growing global movement of high tech trends and cultural cachet that South Korea is exporting to the world. Dr. Kenneth Kim practices plastic surgery in beautiful Beverly Hills where he’s leveraged American medical advancements to further improve upon the refinements of Korean Plastic Surgery. He was raised in both Seoul and Southern California and is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. His practice, Dream Medical Group, has an international reputation for performing the best Asian aesthetic enhancements for his cosmopolitan and celebrity clientele.   

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Asian Aesthetic Enhancement in Los Angeles

In the last decade, hallyu, or the Korean wave, has swept the globe, resulting in international demand for South Korean culture. (1) As Korean culture comes to the international forefront, so does the desire for the ideal Korean beauty aesthetic. Korean beauty products have quickly become one of the country’s largest exports, enjoying a devoted following by western audiences. However, the search for the ideal perfection has also resulted in groundbreaking advancements in the field of plastic surgery.

Known as the “plastic surgery capital of the world,” South Korea saw a 197% increase in surgical procedures from 1997 to 2011—that’s only four short years!  

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Dr. Kenneth Kim founded the American branch of Dream Medical Group in Southern California. He brings South Korean techniques and advancements in plastic surgery to his patients in the United States. Whenever possible, he’s also improved upon these techniques using the best tools and training that America has to offer. Dr. Kenneth Kim earned his degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California, Berkeley, and attended medical school at Yale University. 

Your Personal Consultation at Dream Medical Group

Korean Plastic Surgery

Dream Medical Group is known throughout the world as a global trendsetter in Asian plastic surgery.

Korean celebrities and influencers seek our expert approach to aesthetic enhancement. As our Director of Technology and Scientific Advancement, Dr. Kenneth Kim leads an exciting wave of innovation in Korean plastic surgery in the United States. Dr. Kim is also Chief Surgeon at Dream Medical Group’s office in Los Angeles. He offers personalized surgical, non-surgical, and minimally invasive approaches to achieve beautiful results.

Dr. Kenneth Kim understands that every patient is different. At your personal consultation, he will provide you with a customized enhancement plan that is tailored to your unique needs. Dr. Kim and his team will advise you on which procedures will benefit you the most as you plan the combination of procedures that will secure optimal outcomes. At your private consultation, it will be abundantly clear that Dr. Kim has each of his patients’ best interests at heart.

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Eye Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eye Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

As one of the most popular means to the Korean beauty ideal, Dr. Kim is an expert practitioner of some of the world’s most sophisticated blepharoplasty techniques. Blepharoplasty is also known as an eyelid lift. Many of Dr. Kim’s Asian patients express interest in double eyelid surgery, a complex procedure that takes many factors into account in order to create the admired double eyelid

Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is one of our most popular procedures, as many Asians are born without the much-desired eyelid fold. As a result of his extensive research, study, and practice, Dr. Kim and Dream Medical Group can create a dynamic supratarsal fold, or double eyelid crease, by connecting the underlying eye-elevating muscle, or levator, to the skin of the eyelid.(3) Perfectly crafted eyelid folds move with eyelids.  

Wider, Brighter Eyes

Dr. Kenneth Kim has written extensively on blepharoplasty and works to create ideal eye dimensions for the patients’ facial features.(4) He aims to achieve a harmonious and naturally-balanced effect. In many cases, Dr. Kim can accomplish this without any need for incisions! 

Many American doctors haven’t even heard of a minimally invasive blepharoplasty. But, Dr. Kim is able to expand the eyes vertically and horizontally using a remarkable approach—he flips the eyelid and works from the back so that surgical trauma and tissue disruption are kept to a minimum. This means a quicker recovery and more attractive results!

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Asian Rhinoplasty 

Asian Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles

Rhinoplasty is another very popular Korean plastic surgery. Dr. Kim is an accomplished specialist in Asian rhinoplasty. A successful nasal plastic surgery improves facial balance and harmony while maintaining aesthetic Asian beauty. The dorsum, or bridge of the nose, is usually low in Asian patients, and Korean beauty prizes a sculpted, narrow, petite nose that elongates and narrows the face.

Besides cosmetic considerations, however, a rhinoplasty can ease breathing, reduce snoring, and even improve the appearance of a previously broken nose. However, Asians tend to have less nasal cartilage than Caucasians, which led Dr. Kim to creative and exciting advancements in the field of rhinoplasty.(5) Two innovative rhinoplasty techniques, in particular, make Dream Medical Group the best choice for your rhinoplasty.

Advancements in Asian Rhinoplasty

The specific Korean cultural standards for a desirable nose led Dr. Kim to design his own line of silicone nasal implants. These implants are carefully sculpted with Asian patients in mind, unlike other generic nasal implants. Dr. Kim worked closely with Implantech Inc., one of the premier American implant manufacturers. The implant is carefully placed under the skin on the dorsal region of the nose. Dr. Kim then carefully sculpts the nostrils and tip of the nose with natural cartilage for a balanced and natural-looking nose that enhances and fits the patient’s face.

Patients love their new, elongated, dimensional noses and elegant profiles.

All-Natural Enhancement

Another technique that Dr. Kim and Dream Medical Center employ is an autologous cartilage rhinoplasty. Although silicone is a reliable and commonly used implant, Dr. Kim will use a graft of soft, malleable rib cartilage. His practiced hands carefully sculpt the cartilage into pieces less than a millimeter. This gives him ultimate freedom to create the nose of your dreams. As the graft heals, the cartilage from the graft blends into the existing cartilage in the patient’s dorsum. The tissues grow together and create a completely natural nose without an artificial foreign implant.

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The Premier Choice for Korean Beauty Solutions

korea plastic surgery

Dream Medical Center is the premier choice for those dedicated to achieving the timeless, elegant ideal of Korean beauty. When it comes to plastic surgery, the innovative technique and advancements that Dr. Kenneth Kim offers his patients are unmatched. 

Korean Facelift

“The next big thing” in Korean plastic surgery is facial rejuvenation surgeries. An Asian facelift is somewhat different than it is for those of other ethnicities. Many traditional facelift techniques were designed with only Europeans in mind. Dr. Kim has spoken at national and international meetings about this rapidly developing area of study. Because Asian tissues can be heavier, a successful facelift requires a more robust approach. Dr. Kim leads the way in these revolutionary techniques. 

If they wish, patients may opt for an Awake Facelift which is performed under local (rather than general) anesthesia. Our “Awake” procedures have put Dream Medical Group on the map because they dramatically reduce one’s recovery time and result in more pleasing aesthetic outcomes.

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Korean Breast Augmentation

At Dream Medical Group, breast augmentation is still one of our most popular procedures. But, Dr. Kim understands as few others do that Asian women can be more prone to scarring. Our Awake Breast Augmentation is proven to reduce the incidence of scarring in all of our patients. Less scarring dramatically diminishes the likelihood of developing capsular contracture, an unwanted result of excessive scarring that distorts the pleasing appearance of one’s breast implants. 

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Feel Uniquely You

Dr. Kim has years of academic research and practical experience. The groundbreaking methods he has developed in the United States and in Korea have earned him international renown. Here in Los Angeles, you can be sure that Dr. Kim will work closely with you to enhance your natural beauty so that you can feel uniquely you.


What Are the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures Among Young South Korean Women? (2) 

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)


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