Mechanism of Caucasian eyelid folds

Caucasians have two types of folds. One is a very high fold. The other is a lower fold that is more similar to Asian double eyelid fold. The common denominator in fold creation for both of these natural folds are that there are connections between the eyelid skin and the muscle that elevates the eyelid. For the very high fold, the skin is thinner than that of lower eyelid folds. In addition, there is minimal fat between the eyelid and the muscle that elevates the eyelid (levator muscle). Lastly, the connection from the eyelid skin to the levator muscle starts very high from the high eyelid fold or crease and extends all the way down to the eyelashes. For the lower eyelid fold that is more similar to the Asian double eyelid fold, the eyelid skin tends to be thicker and there is more fat above the eyelid elevating muscle. This fat is present from the eyelid fold to the brow region. In addition, the connection that makes the fold does not extend high up to the brow region.

Caucasian with a very high fold tends to be from the Scandinavian descent while the Caucasians with a lower fold tend to be more from the Eastern Europen descent. Also, Caucasians with lower folds also tends to have more of a lateral canthal tilt. This means that the outer portion of the eyelid is positioned higher. This gives a more exotic and feminine appearance to the eyes. It is worth noting that there is a significant portion of models that are from the Eastern European decent. What makes them popular as models is that exotic and feminine appearance of their eyes.