Mild Ptosis and Double Eyelid Surgery

Patients often present with mild ptosis at the time of double eyelid surgery. In these patients, if the eyelid ptosis is performed, then the eyes will open brightly. However, the distance between the double eyelid fold or double eyelid crease and the brow will be close together or short. Although the eyes will be bright, this creates an intense appearance for the patient.

There are two ways to solve this issue. One is to remove excess soft tissue that is weighing down on the eyelid muscle. This can be done by excising more soft tissue at the time of the double eyelid surgery. Another way to remove soft tissue is by performing a subbrow lift or a forehead lift. These subbrow or forehead lift procedures can be done with or without double eyelid surgery.

By performing a subtle ptosis correction, the patient will be able to lift the eyes with more ease.

Another way to solve this issue of mild ptosis is to perform double eyelid and ptosis surgery at the same time. However, the key aspect is to gently perform minor ptosis correction and create the double eyelid fold without inducing internal scarring. Typical incision double eyelid surgery or ptosis correction creates internal scarring as the surgeon has to dissect deep and perform surgical manipulation inside the eyelid. However, by using advanced minimally invasive double eyelid surgery technique, a harmonious double eyelid fold can be created without creating a significant deep scar that would weight down on the eyelid.

In addition, the excess soft tissue will be excised (reducing the weight on the levator muscle). These maneuvers will allow the patient to gently open their eyes without over-elevating or under-elevating the eyelid. In addition, the double eyelid fold or double eyelid crease will appear natural as the fold will appear harmonious and the folding movement will move in concert together all at the same time.

The benefit of these procedures at the time of double eyelid surgery is that the patient will appear brighter without dropping the brow position for a more ideal appearance.