Minimal Pain Breast Augmentation

Many people are concerned with pain after breast augmentation. Patients think that pain is just part of having surgery.

However, if breast augmentation is performed optimally, then the pain should not occur.

How is that possible?

In order to answer that, we must understand why pain occurs. Pain occurs during breast augmentation if the tissues are ripped or if there are bleeding after surgery. Obviously, tissues being ripped will cause pain but how about bleeding? Why would bleeding cause pain?

Bleeding causes pain because your body senses that it is not natural to have blood outside of your blood vessels. Therefore, your body’s white blood cell will try to get rid of red blood cells. During this process, the patient will experience pain. Another negative aspect of bleeding is that it will induce capsular contracture.

Dr. Kenneth Kim, a board-certified plastic surgeon, part of the Dream Medical Group from Korea in Los Angeles, California performs breast augmentation without causing any pain.

And this is because there is no bleeding during breast augmentation.

The patient will notice that there is no pain and there will be no capsular contracture after breast surgery with Dr. Kenneth Kim.

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