Natural appearing double eyelid surgery

Many patients desire naturally appearing double eyelid surgery results. This can be achieved if suture technique is applied. However, many patients are not a candidate for a suture technique. Thus, when an incision or open technique double eyelid or Asian eyelid surgery is required, it is important that it appears as natural as possible. How natural appearing can we make an incision or open technique double eyelid surgery? We can now make it as natural as someone who was born with their own double eyelid folds.

At the consultation with your plastic surgeon, you should ask to see the scar of the incision. The best way to evaluate the postsurgical double eyelid fold is to look at the high-resolution photo but also to look at the video. By looking at the video of the double eyelid fold scar, you can see if the double eyelid folds move uniformly. In addition, when the eyes are closed, it should be flat with the surrounding skin–not indented or depressed. And when the eyes open, the double eyelid fold should invaginate or fold inward. Only by looking at videos can you determine how natural the Asian eyelid surgical result is.

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