What are the causes of revision double eyelid surgery?

There are a few reasons for a revision double-fold eyelid surgery. One reason is that the double lidded eyes look unnatural. The double fold eyelid may not look natural because the fold has obvious scars that are very visible. The double fold is especially visible when the patient closes their eyes. The reason why the double fold looks unnatural is that the suturing has been done from the eyelid skin to the underlying deeper levator aponeurosis or the tarsus. When a traditional suturing method is performed to the monolid, then the scar or the knot on the eyelid will be visible.

Another common reason for the revision double-fold eyelid surgery is that the height of the double lid is either too small or too high.

In the case of a small double lid, the surgeon did not anticipate the hooding of the skin that would occur after the conversion of the monolid to double eyelid. Therefore, in order to correct the small double lid, either a higher double eyelid fold is created or the excess upper eyelid skin should be excised. In the case of a high double eyelid fold or large double eyelid fold, the correction is more difficult. If the patient has excess eyelid skin in his or her double lidded eyes, then a lower double eyelid fold can be created. The excess skin is then excised from the new double eyelid fold to the prior double eyelid fold.

Dr. Kim

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of revision double eyelid surgery. Dr. Kim’s extensive experience in revising unnatural double-fold eyelid has been demonstrated in his peer-reviewed publications regarding these surgeries. Dr. Kenneth Kim is located in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Kim performs revision double eyelid surgery on patients not only in California but also patients throughout America, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia. Dr. Kenneth Kim has presented on revision double lid fold to the Korean Plastic Surgery conferences in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Kim focuses his revision on making the double eyelid fold look as natural as possible by removing the prior unnatural scar and resets the double lid height at the desired new height.

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