What causes multiple folds and triple folds in Asian eyelids?

There are patients with multiple folds in their upper eyelids. On top of their natural double eyelid, a crease occurs. One of the reasons for this is that their eyelids lack fat. Therefore, rather than being an actual double fold, it is a depression of the skin or a crease. There are two ways to solve this triple-fold. A simple way is to perform a double fold eyelid surgery.

A patient may wonder why recreate a double lid in already pre-existing double lidded eyes? The reason is that a surgically created double eyelid fold invagination or penetration into the deeper eyelid structure is stronger than a natural double eyelid fold. The technique is the same as if the patient has a monolid and wants to have double eyelids. The double eyelid fold is created at the lower fold or between the lower double eyelid fold and the higher double eyelid crease.

It is important that the double lid is not set at the height of the double eyelid crease. This height is too high to create the natural-appearing double lidded eyes.

Another way to correct the triple-fold in Asian eyes is to excise the skin between the double eyelid fold and the double eyelid crease. This is followed by setting the double lid at the original natural double eyelid fold site. By removing this depression of the eyelid skin, the triple-fold is completely eliminated. This method can only be done if the distance between the double eyelid fold and the crease is close enough to be excised. There are cases where the triple-fold is very high and the excision of the upper eyelid skin cannot be made. In this case, a fat graft can be placed in the upper eyelid to add more volume to prevent the eyelid depression from creating a double eyelid crease.

Dr. Kenneth Kim – Asian Eyelid Specialist

Dr. Kenneth Kim corrects multiple upper eyelid folds or creases in his practice located in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Kim corrects these triple folds in Asians by the various double eyelid methods mentioned above. Dr. Kenenth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of blepharoplasty Asian eyes and Korean eyelid surgery. Dr. Kim also has a partnership in Seoul, South Korea where he works with his partners to offer the lastest and most advanced Korean eyelid surgery to patients throughout the world. During the consultation, Dr. Kenneth Kim will show how the double lidded eyes will look after the corrective and revision double eyelid surgery.

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