What is the Most Popular Asian Eyelid Surgery?

The most popular Asian eyelid surgery by far is double eyelid surgery.  Technically, Asian eyelid surgery refers to any eyelid surgery that is being performed on an Asian man or woman.  However, “Asian eyelid surgery” most commonly refers to double eyelid surgery, because it is the most commonly performed surgery on Asians. 

Asians are often born with either monolids or small double eyelid folds. They would like to change their monolid to double lid or they would like to have larger double lidded eyes. 

Therefore, blepharoplasty on Asian eyes is most commonly is about creating a double fold eyelid.

Then what are other common Asian eyelid surgeries

Patients often choose Lower eyelid surgery to widen the eyes and address a hollow or dark undereye. Other popular Asian eyelid surgeries include epicanthoplasty (opening the inner corner of the eyes) and lateral canthoplasty.

What is unique about Asian lower eyelid surgery is that Asians like to have lower eyelid fullness just below the lower eyelashes.  In addition, Asians do not like to have the angles of their eyes to be tight or tilted. Therefore, lateral canthoplasty needs to be carefully done to prevent over tilt or over-tightening. 

Lateral canthoplasty is also performed to elongate the lateral aspect of the eyes. The procedure is valuable by itself and as a popular component of Asian eyelid surgery.

Epicanthoplasty is a common procedure that is performed at the time of double eyelid surgery. Epicanthoplasty or removal of the Mongolian band is part of the Asian eyelid surgery and double eyelid surgery. 

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in Asian eyelid surgery and facelift surgery.  Dr. Kim is in Los Angeles California. Dr. Kenneth Kim performs all aspect of Asian eyelid surgery and has published numerous times in peer-reviewed surgical literature on Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery.  During your consultation, Dr. Kim will explain various aspects of Asian eyelid surgery including double eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery. Dr. Kenneth Kim will recommend which Asian eyelid surgery would be most optimal for the patient’s face and eyes.

Have questions about how you can widen, brighten, and reshape your eyes? Dr. Kim and his highly-trained staff are here to help. Contact our office to learn more about the impressive results Dr. Kim achieves with Asian eyelid surgery.

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