What is unique and special about Asian eyelid surgery?

Asian eyelids surgery is unique in that it is mainly about making a double fold eyelid from a monolid. Individuals of East Asian descent often have what is known as a “monolid,” but wish to have double lidded eyes. The double lid is created by making a connection from the skin of the deeper eyelid muscle known as the levator aponeurosis or the tarsus. This can be achieved using either a non-suture technique where the incision is not made or by making an incision to create the double lid. An incision double-fold eyelid technique also removes the excess skin on the upper eyelid and thus removes excess weight on the eyelid.

Another aspect of Asian eyelid surgery involves opening the inner aspect of the eye during surgery. This is called epicanthoplasty. Epicanthoplasty removes the inner skin and tight restrictive band that inhibits the opening of the eyelid. Another part of the Asian eyelid surgery is opening the outer part of the eyes, which is called a lateral canthoplasty. The lateral canthoplasty can also be performed at the time when the double lid is created from the monolid. During the time of the double fold eyelid surgery, eyelid ptosis surgery can also be performed to make the eyes open better. Again, this ptosis surgery can be done while double-fold eyelid surgery is performed.

A blepharoplasty Asian eyelid has a lower eyelid component as well. This is a lower blepharoplasty or lower eyelid surgery. Lower eyelid surgery removes the fat protrusion or bags under the eyes. What is unique about Asian eyelid surgery in terms of lower eyelid surgery is that tarsal fullness is created simultaneously. A lower eyelid tarsal fullness is a unique aspect of Asian eyes. This fullness gives a youthful appearance to the person.

Consult With Los Angeles Eyelid Surgeon

Dr. Kenneth Kim has been performing Asian eyelid surgery for the past 13 years. Dr. Kim performs non-incision double eyelid surgery, incision double eyelid surgery. epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, and Asian lower eyelid surgery from his Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California location. Dr. Kenneth Kim also collaborates with surgeons in Seoul, South Korea to bring the lastest and most advanced Korean eyelid surgery technique. By combining Korean eyelid surgery techniques, Dr. Kenneth Kim produces the most natural and beautiful Asian eyelids for patients in America, Canada, and South America.

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