Why do Asians have monolids?

Asian woman

Asians have monolids more than any other race.  In fact, none of the other races have monolids.

Rather, they have double eyelids or double lidded eyes.  The medical term for this is “supratarsal fold.” Even among Asians, it is the Eastern Asians who tend to have monolids.  Eastern Asians are Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, and Mongolians.

Southeast Asians tend to have double lids more often than East Asians.  Among the East Asians, Koreans and Mongolians have the highest prevalence of monolids. Therefore, more Koreans undergo double-fold eyelid surgery than any other Asian race.  That is one of the reasons why Korean plastic surgeons excel in double eyelid surgery and Asian eyelid surgery. Thus, double eyelid surgery is sometimes known as Korean eyelid surgery.

One reason why so many Koreans and Mongolians have monolids is that they share the common Mongolian heritage.

In Mongolia, the climate is cold and windy. Therefore, it was an advantage to have monolids to cover the eye as much as possible.   The double lid would have been a disadvantage in a cold and windy environment in terms of protecting one’s eyes. 

This monolid gene has been passed on to the Koreans, Chinese, and Japenese people.  For that reason, these East Asians undergo blepharoplasty Asian eyes where a monolid is changed to a double lid by Korean eyelid surgery. The double eyelid surgery is performed to help open the eyes and expose more of the inside of the eye.   Dr. Kenneth Kim regularly performs double eyelid surgery for patients of various Asian backgrounds including Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, and Mongolians, as well as Southeast Asians.

Dr. Kenneth Kim

Dr. Kim understands the aesthetics of double eyelid surgery and the unique features of various ethnicities that would make a beautiful double eyelid. Dr. Kenneth Kim understands Korean eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid beauty as he has spent many years in Korea working with his colleagues on double eyelid surgery.  Dr. Kim is in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California where he sees patients from all over the world.

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