Why would a patient receive a revision Asian rhinoplasty?

There are many reasons why a patient would receive a revision Asian rhinoplasty.

One of the main reason is that the nose is short.

A short nose is when the overall nose length is short compared to the overall face. The typical sign is that the nostril is exposed and the tip is turned up. Therefore, the nose has a pig nose appearance.

The other reason to have a revision Asian rhinoplasty is that the nose is crooked.

The crooked nose can be at the bridge or the dorsum of the nose or the nasal tip can be deviated.

Many of these complications in Asian rhinoplasty or Asian nose surgery arise from the use of silicone implant.

The silicone implant can cause capsular contracture and can shorten or distort the nose.

The other material available for the revision Asian rhinoplasty includes dermal-fat grafts.

Dr. Kenneth Kim, a board certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, California will evaluate the cause of the misshaped nose. Dr. Kim will then discuss the potential options for the revision Asian rhinoplasty surgery including the use of rib cartilage and ear cartilage grafts. By carefully examining the nose, Dr. Kenneth Kim can offer the most ideal option for the revision Asian rhinoplasty.

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