Eye Surgery Introduction

Korean Asian eyelid surgery, otherwise known as the double eyelid surgery, is most conventionally known as a method that creates a defined crease above the eye. Many Asians, especially those with an East Asian background, are not naturally born with a distinct crease. They either have a single eyelid (monolid) or a crease that is barely noticeable. In the earlier days, Asians resorted to various methods to enhance the appearance of their eyes with designated tape or adhesive glue. These tools are still very popular among Asian women today.

Another method that has become extremely technologically advanced in the past two to three decades is double eyelid surgery. Double eyelid surgery has become the most performed operation among South Korean plastic surgeons. It has been able to give patients a much more beautiful and vibrant appearance through the desired formation of a crease.

In the more technical sense, however, the surgery has become much more detailed with respect to the patient’s face as a whole. In the past, the surgery simply consisted of creating a crease on the eyelid. The outcome of the simple method proved to be inconsistent, causing unsatisfactory results such as unmitigated swelling or an unnatural appearance.

Today, with the pioneering efforts made by some of the leading plastic surgeons in South Korea, double eyelid surgery has become an extremely sophisticated procedure. It now involves much more than just the formation of a crease, such as alteration of the size and shape of the eyes to balance the rest of the patient’s face. Dr. Kim has extensively studied and fully practiced this new and enhanced type of double eyelid surgery; he customizes his operations for each of his patients based on the rest of their facial features.