Ptosis Repair

Ptosis is known as an eyelid condition characterized by weakness in the eye elevating muscle. Usually, people who suffer from ptosis have droopy eyelids, often making the patients appear sleepy, tired and even harsh. The droopy eyelids hinder the amount of color aspect shown in the eyes, making them appear exhausted. This operation is necessary for many Asian patients whether they are elderly, or patients who seek a more radiant and vibrant appearance. There are also a handful of patients who have undergone inadequately performed double eyelid surgeries, and thus need revision to their asymmetric eyes.

Vertical eye enlargement widens the eye vertically so as to 1) remove any upper visual obstruction experienced by the patient due to weak eyelid elevating muscle; and 2) increase the amount of color aspect of the eyes that is shown to correct sleepy eyes. There are two conventional methods to achieve a vertically enlarged eye. The first method is double eyelid surgery, or Asian eyelid surgery. The second method is called upper blepharoplasty, which involves removal of excess skin on the upper eyelid.

Despite the conventional methods described, the most effective method is a very complex procedure called ptosis repair. This process involves tightening of the muscle that elevates the upper eyelid, or the eye elevating muscle so that it has more power and effectiveness in opening the eyes. It is an extremely delicate process which requires immense amounts of dexterity and extensive knowledge and skill. The tightening process concerns a fragile area with many layers of fine tissue and a considerable amount of blood vessels. It also requires the surgeon’s ability to gauge how much tightening or loosening is required on the eye elevating muscle. Dr. Kim has successfully executed numerous ptosis repair surgeries for various purposes. He performs them regularly for elderly patients who experience visual obstruction due to excessive eyelid hooding, and for patients who need it for double eyelid surgery.

Ptosis repair is largely performed simultaneously with suture or incision technique double eyelid surgery. The surgery takes place under local anesthesia, with or without oral sedatives. The duration of the surgery will depend on the severity of the ptosis. The skin stitches will be removed 5-7 days after the surgery at our office. The critical swelling will subside in 1 week, and the remaining swelling will gradually subside within 8-12 weeks.