Face Lift Surgery Post-Operative Care

Please read the following instructions carefully and thoroughly in order that you (the patient) and your care-taker are familiar with the post-operative care for face surgery.

Right after the surgery: Dr. Kim may place dressing on the incision site. The dressing should only be removed in the office, unless ordered by Dr. Kenneth Kim. The patient must return back to see Dr. Kim one day after the surgery. Dr. Kim will examine the patient and the healing process.

Swelling: The amount of swelling varies from person to person. The swelling may become worse 2-3 days post-surgery, and will start to subsidize after 4 days. Standing up (walking, sitting, etc) and using 2-3 pillows at bedtime will alleviate any swelling.

Ointment: Apply antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin) over the incisions

Antibiotics: Please finish your antibiotics as instructed. If you get diarrhea, please report to our office as soon as possible.

Diet: It is important that you drink sufficient fluids and maintain good hydration. You may eat your normal diet after your surgery. Please do not consume alcohol for 1 month after surgery. After 1 month, you may consume moderate amount of alcohol for 3 months.

Bath and shower: You may take a BODY shower 24 hours after your surgery. However, face must stay DRY for 1 week.

Exercise: Avoid strenuous exercise. Avoid lifting heavy objects and bending your head down for at least 1 week.

In case of emergency: If you experience chest pains or breathing problems after the surgery, please dial 911.