Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is a procedure involving the harvesting, purification, and injection of fat from one area of the body into another part of the body. Often times, the injection site is on the face. The entire procedure is usually quick, simple, and involves very little discomfort or scarring.

Fat Grafting targets people who are bothered by the noticeable signs of aging. As people age, loss of volume around the midface (i.e., areas between the cheeks, nose, and lower eyelid) and/or general fat loss in the face can lead to an older and unhealthy appearance. Thus, by restoring lost fat to a person’s face, this procedure can be used to achieve a healthier, more vibrant look.

Additionally, Fat Grafting can also be used to enhance the facial profile through a more beautifully contoured shape. Thus, for many people, Fat Grafting provides an alternative to facial bone surgery. Considering facial bone surgery can be expensive, painful, and often involves a lengthy recovery time. For many patients interested in changing the contour of their face, fat grafting can be an advantageous alternative.