Droopy Tip Correction


Droopy Nose

The droopy nose tip can be corrected using tip-plasty. After the nasal envelope dissection, cartilageat the nose tip must be released from the surrounding tissues and relocate them to change the shape of the nasal tip. If the tip requires more refinement, ear cartilages and Medpor are used to achieve the ideal shape of the nose.

In some severe cases, the tip of the nose drops toward the upper lip when smiling, creating an arch. In order to correct the severely droopy nose tip, the muscle that connects the nasal tip and the upper lip must be weakened. Otherwise the droopiness will reoccur.

The duration of the surgery is different for each patient. The surgery is performed under oral sedatives and local anesthesia, and the pain during surgery is minimal. Each patient will have different degree of swelling right after the surgery, but the swelling is most severe on first two days of the surgery. We recommend that a patient sleeps with head at higher position using extra pillows in order to reduce swelling more quickly.

The patient has to come in 1-2 days after the surgery for operative site cleansing. Our nurse will also teach you how to cleanse your nose and care for operative sites at home.