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One of our most popular procedures here at Dream Medical Group in Los Angeles  is eyelid surgery. Many of our patients come to our office because they desire wider eyes or want to improve their vision. Dr. Kenneth Kim specializes in Asian eyelid surgery and will help you determine the best treatment for you and your unique facial aesthetic.

Monolid refers to the form of the eyelid. Individuals with monolids have no creases below their eyebrows. There are many eyelid surgeries that will address a monolid and help create the appearance of a double eyelid or restore a healthy monolid. We will create your best treatment plan and have you looking refreshed and wide-eyed in no time!

What is Monolid Surgery?

Monolids are a smooth area of skin that covers and protects the eye. There are many procedures that can be performed on a monolid to improve or sculpt it. The goal of these surgeries is to create a functional and maybe wider, more visible eye. Dr. Kim brings the latest techniques to his patients, helping them obtain beautiful results. He is board-certified and has worked with many top-ranked Korean cosmetic surgeons in South Korea. His skill and technique allow him to achieve incredible results. The procedures that may be involved in your monolid surgery include:


Asian eyelid surgery creates a double fold in the eye and is often sought after as a cosmetic procedure. Asian eyelid surgery makes the eyes wider and can help to balance out the facial features. 


Asian eyelid surgery, or a double fold eyelid, can be accomplished with different techniques. The suture technique is one such treatment that our patients have the opportunity of undergoing. This treatment includes a uniquely designed surgical stitch to hold the eyelid in place, creating the illusion of a double fold. This stitch will be secured along the eyelid skin and its underlying tissues. The fiber that makes up the suture is durable and will not dissolve.  This treatment can be used for aesthetic or practical reasons.


This common surgery is performed to improve the appearance and function of the eye. Some patients undergo double eyelid surgery with the dynamic open technique to help reduce excess hooding in the eye or to improve eyelid symmetry.

Hooded eyes refer to an excess of tissue that hangs down from the brow bone. This skin can make your eyes look smaller, cause you to look sleepy and may even interfere with eyesight. Patients also undergo the dynamic open technique to improve eyelid symmetry. The elevating muscle of the eyelids is what allows your eyelids to close and open simultaneously. Some patients’ elevating muscles do not function adequately, causing an imbalance in how the eyes open and rest. The open technique will assist by creating an incision along the eyelid through which Dr. Kim anchors the crease line to create long-lasting results. His advanced techniques create a natural appearance, resulting in a great outcome!


This advanced technique was invented by Dr. Kim to help his patients achieve a double eyelid seamlessly. This technique involves anchoring a suture to the septo-aponeurosis junctional thickening. This technique implements the biomechanics of your eye to create a balanced and beautiful eye shape!

Each double eyelid procedure will be customized to your appearance.  Fold heights will be taken into consideration as well as whether you would benefit from a complementary procedure. Dr. Kim will help you determine your best solution in a personal consultation.


Ptosis is a condition where the elevating muscle in the eye is weak and does not allow the eyelid to open all the way. People who have ptosis may refer to their eyelid(s) as droopy. This condition can be asymmetrical, causing the individual to have an imbalanced appearance. Ptosis repair surgery will restore an alert and symmetrical appearance to the person’s face. This is achieved by either Asian eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. Asian eyelid surgery will strengthen the elevating muscle while a blepharoplasty will remove excess tissue that is hanging down in the eye. Dr. Kim and you will determine the best treatment for your particular eyes.


This procedure will make your eyes appear larger. The surgery targets the epicanthal fold that is present in many East Asian’s eyes. Dr. Kim exercises great skill in performing this treatment. By releasing the epicanthal fold, the eye is allowed to open up more and appear larger. This is a common technique performed on patients with monolids who are looking to widen the appearance of their eyes.


This surgery is also used to enlarge the eyes. In a lateral canthoplasty procedure, the horizontal aspect of the eyes that reaches towards the ears is made wider. Many patients enjoy a more balanced appearance after this treatment. This treatment is highly customized and allows the patient to enjoy a wider yet natural appearing eye.

There are a wide range of procedures you can have performed to address a Monolid. Dr. Kim will take time to work with you and create your ideal treatment plan. 

Reasons for Surgery

Patients undergo surgery on their eyelids for many reasons including:
  • Weak eyelid elevating muscle
  • Ptosis
  • Desire to change aesthetic
  • Poor eyelid function

If you are bothered by one or more of the above issues we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us today!


There are many benefits that go along with eyelid surgery! Patients can enjoy improved eyesight as well as eyelid function. Treatments improve the aesthetic of the eyes, helping to make your eyes appear larger! Our patients are always impressed by how much eyelid surgery dramatically improves their appearance. If you are ready to get started towards a bright-eyed appearance, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us today.


The ideal candidate for eyelid surgery will be healthy and have been considering surgery for a while. We want each patient to obtain their best outcome and will set them up for a healthy surgery and recovery. If you have difficulty seeing or are unhappy with the appearance of your eyes, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim today.

Personal Consultation

Dr. Kim will take the time to educate you and address your questions.

During your meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Kim and learn all about his level of expertise. He will ask about your health background, current medications, allergies and supplement use to determine if the eyelid surgery you are interested in is a safe and healthy option. This meeting also gives you a chance to ask any questions or voice concerns you may have.


Preparing for surgery sets the groundwork for a healthy procedure and recovery. Dr. Kim will provide you with in-depth instructions on how to have your best and healthiest treatment. These instructions will include steps such as:

  • Take time off from work
  • Fill and pick-up prescriptions
  • Arrange rides to and from the appointment
  • Pick up additional foods and drinks so you don’t have to worry about runs to the store
  • Arrange for someone to stay with you for the first few days of recovery as your eyesight adjusts
These are just a few ways you will get ready for your appointment.

Monolid Surgery

The surgery performed on your monolids will be customized to your appearance and desired outcome. Dr. Kim will perform surgery either under local anesthesia with or without oral sedation, or patients can receive general anesthesia if they desire. Treatments often take between one to two hours. Dr. Kim will use his expert knowledge to sculpt your eyes and produce great results!


Stitches are often removed after four to six days in-office. The majority of swelling will be diminished after a week and the rest will subside after eight to twelve weeks. Each patient will heal at a different rate, but on average patients return to work within two weeks. Instructions will be provided on how to care for incisions and what steps will need to be taken to have a smooth recovery.


You will see an improvement in the appearance of your eye after swelling has decreased. These results are long-lasting! You will be able to apply makeup easier after treatment as well as have more open and alert eyes. An eyelid surgery will truly transform and rejuvenate your face!


Surgeries performed on a monolid range in prices. Each treatment will be customized to you and will be unique to your desired outcome and anatomy. If you would like to learn more about the procedures Dr. Kim specializes in give our office a call at (213) 700-4297. If you want to move forward and start down the path to better vision or wider eyes, click here and schedule your consultation today!


What does it mean to have a double eyelid?

A double eyelid means you have a crease along the curve of your eye that makes you appear to have two eyelids for each eye. A monolid is when this crease does not appear and you have one eyelid for each eye.

What is the difference between hooded eyes and monolids?

A hooded eye is when you have excess tissue that extends from your brow to your lash line. Hooded eyes may cause you to look drowsy or not alert. A monolid is when you do not have a crease along the curve of your eye and you appear to have one eyelid.

*Results May Vary