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The Asian Eyelid Surgery can recreate a natural-appearing fold in the upper eyelid or reduce excess tissues that may be hindering your eyesight (upper visual field) or make you appear older than your actual age. Asian eyelid surgery, also known as double eyelid surgery, can achieve your ideal facial goal.

Eyes that have a natural double lid exhibit an upper eyelid fold while the eyes are open and possess a fine horizontal crease when the eyes are closed. Asian eyelids are generally thicker because they have more skin, muscle, and fat. Asian eyes also have a smaller or weaker muscle, called a levator, that works to lift the eyelid up. All of these factors contribute to many people of Asian descent having what is called a “monolid.”

If you want to change the appearance of your monolid, double eyelid surgery will improve the balance of your facial harmony and help you feel confident!

Los Angeles and Southern California area patients who want to achieve a double eyelid, contact Dr. Kenneth Kim and schedule your personal consultation.

About Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian Eyelid Surgery is a cosmetic surgery that creates a fold in the upper eyelid or removes excess tissue in the eyelids to create a natural-looking double eyelid crease. Often referred to as the East Asian blepharoplasty, this technique also alleviates the symptoms of ptosis or sagging eyelid skin.

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Asian eyelid surgery can also improve the aesthetics of the eyes for patients with no natural creased eyelid. A double fold eyelid helps to make the eyes appear wider and brighter. There are many details that go into an eyelid surgery that creates a fold.

One of the most popular forms of Asian eyelid surgery is the double eyelid surgery. This procedure is for patients who are wishing to transform their monolid to a double eyelid fold. In addition, patients can also receive an epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty. An epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty open the inner and outer corner of the eyes respectively to make the eyes wider.

Eyelid Surgery Methods

There are two forms of surgical techniques that can be used in double eyelid surgery; the suture technique and the incision technique.

Suture Technique
The suture technique is a commonly performed procedure because it results in a natural appearance and minimal scarring. The stitch used is not dissolvable and will hold the eyelid in its new shape securely. A stitch pattern will be made along the eyelid and underlying tissues. This technique will create a fold without applying incisions.

Female Eye with Extreme Long False Eyelashes stock imageThe suture technique takes approximately thirty minutes to an hour, and because it is less invasive produces a quick recovery with minimal swelling. Stitches may or may not be removed and the final results will be present within one to three months.

Incision Technique
The incision method of double eyelid surgery will create a fold as well as reduce wrinkled or hooded eyelid skin. In the procedure, an incision will be made along the curvature of the eyelid.

Incision technique eyelid surgery usually take about an hour and because it is a more involved method, the swelling will be present for a couple of weeks. Stitches will be removed after about five to seven days and final results can be seen within a few months.

Crease Options

There are three crease options available at three different heights, these include:
Infold: This fold is subtle and is often performed on younger patients.
In-Out Fold: An in-out fold is made from the inner corner of the eye and creates a natural appearance.
Outfold: This fold will be created above the eye’s inner corner and will be a bit higher than the natural curve of the eye. The outfold provides a more dramatic final result than the two other fold options.

Fold Heights Can Create Different Results

Each procedure performed at Dream Medical Group is 100% customized to the anatomy of the individual. In general, we offer patients three fold heights, including:
High Fold.This fold is often used on larger eyes that have strong eye muscles. This fold is created at a higher measurement and will create a dramatic result.
Low Fold. This technique is often used for patients with ptosis, excess eye tissue, and will provide a subtle change.
Ideal Fold. A fold will be made along the natural height of where the eyelid functions. This technique will create the most natural result.
To create the fold shape, excess skin will be reduced to create gentle tension. The skin of the new fold will then be stitched together.

Dr. Kim also specializes in East Asian blepharoplasty but is skilled to improve the appearance of any eyes. There are two forms of blepharoplasty, lower and upper. In a lower blepharoplasty procedure, a small incision is made just below the lower eyelashes. Fat and excess tissue are removed and redistributed to smooth out the lower eye.

If you have bags under your eyes or your upper eyelids are hindering your eyesight, Dr. Kim can reduce these symptoms. The end result will be smoother, younger appearing eyes.

A fat graft can also be placed below the eyelids in patients with depressed or sunken midface. The incision is then closed and bandaged.
In an upper blepharoplasty, a cut is made along the fold of the eye and skin, muscle and fat are removed to make the skin tauter. The incision is then closed and bandaged. This procedure may take forty-five minutes to two hours and swelling will decrease after fourteen days.
These surgical options allow Dr. Kim to customize a procedure that will benefit your particular features the best!

Asian Eyelid – Benefits

In order to increase the distance between the eyes in the double eyelid, the skin along the medial or inner aspect of the eyes needs to be removed. This particular procedure is called an epicanthoplasty. Epicanthoplasty is performed to make the eyes appear farther apart and is often done during double eyelid surgery.

Beautiful smiley asian Woman stock imageAnother reason to perform epicanthoplasty is to convert the double eyelid fold from an infold to an in-out fold or an outfold.

The third reason to perform epicanthoplasty is to eliminate the downward force that limits the eye-opening mechanism. Therefore, epicanthoplasty is commonly performed at the time of the double eyelid surgery or eyelid ptosis surgery.

An epicanthoplasty is sometimes called a lateral canthoplasty. Lateral canthoplasty can be performed at the time of double eyelid surgery. Besides increasing the inner or medial aspect of the eyes, another way to make the eyes wider is by performing lateral canthoplasty.

There are many advantages to Asian eyelid surgery. The primary benefit of the surgery is that it will widen the eyes, helping you to appear younger and more alert.

Opening the outer side of the eyes does not increase the distance between the eyes. However, it does make the eyes wider. Therefore, it has the same effect of the epicanthoplasty in that it makes the face look more narrow.
These adjunctive surgeries such as epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty should be carefully evaluated at the time of the double eyelid surgery consultation in order to get the most aesthetically optimal result.

Asian eyelid surgery will improve the entire aesthetics of your face.

An advantage of opening the medial or inner aspect of the eyes is that the eyes look wider. In addition, the nose looks narrower and more defined along the bridge of the nose.
Another interesting aspect of an epicanthoplasty is that even the overall face looks more narrow as the eyes look wider. There is a significant aspect of proportion when it comes to facial appearance and beauty. By making the eyes look wider, the overall face looks more slender. Asian eyelid surgery will improve the balance of the face and help you achieve natural beauty.


Both men and women who are in good overall health are ideal candidates for these procedures. An ideal candidate will have moderate skin elasticity and no health conditions that would hinder them from healing.
Dr. Kenneth Kim specializes in Asian eye surgery. He will artfully tailor every eye surgery to flatter your unique facial features.
Dr. Kim has a realistic approach and knows how to work with the delicate tissues to create a natural result. He is skilled in the artistry of Korean double eyelid surgery. Along with Korean eyelids, Dr. Kenneth Kim will approach all Asian anatomy with extensive knowledge, precision, and great care.

Dr. Kennth Kim – Los Angeles Asian Eyelid Surgery Expert

Dr.kenneth kim pictureDuring your private meeting with Dr. Kenneth Kim, you will have the opportunity to share your concerns and desired appearance. Dr. Kenneth Kim will listen carefully and ask about your health, past procedures, skin care, medication routine, and allergies. This information will help him determine if eyelid surgery is a healthy option for you. He will then examine your eyes and discuss your options. Together, you and Dr. Kenneth Kim will create a treatment plan appropriate to your concerns and complementary to your appearance.

Dr. Kenneth Kim will then explain the details of the procedure, potential risks, and expected outcome. This is a great time to ask questions and voice any concerns. Below is a list of a few questions meant to guide you through the consultation and help bring to mind new questions.
1. How much time should I get off from work?
2. How long is this procedure?
3. Do you have before-and-after photos of this surgery?
4. How long do you think my recovery will be?
5. What is expected of me to provide my best results?
These questions are a good place to start and help you navigate the consultation. You and Dr. Kenneth Kim will schedule an appointment for the surgery and he will instruct you how to prepare for the procedure and recovery period.

Preparation Ahead of Surgery

Prior to your surgery, you will need to pick up medications prescribed during your consultation. This may include picking up ointments that will help keep your eyes healthy and moist as they heal.

You will need to pause smoking habits and stop taking antihistamines a few weeks before your surgery.

You will also need to arrange rides with friends or family members. Someone will need to drive you to and from the appointment and stay with you for the first twenty-four hours.
Designate an area in your living space where you can rest comfortably without being interrupted. This space should have your medications, water, and entertainment within arms reach.

The morning of your surgery, take a shower and give yourself plenty of time to get to your appointment without feeling stressed.

When you arrive at your procedure, your eyes will be cleaned and marked. The predetermined anesthetic will then be applied to help you relax and make the procedure comfortable. Dr. Kim will apply small incisions delicately along the natural contours of the eyes. Your predetermined procedure will be performed and any incisions will be closed and bandaged.


When you return home, your eyes will be sore and swollen. Pain medication is available to reduce any discomfort. Your recovery period will fluctuate based on the eyelid method implemented.
Depending on the patient’s case, stitches will be removed within five days to six weeks.

Your eyes will be swollen after the procedure. Staying hydrated, resting, and going for walks will help control swelling.
Follow-up appointments will help Dr. Kenneth Kim monitor your recovery and address any questions or concerns you have.

Results of Eyelid Surgery

You will immediately notice an improvement in your eyes. These results will only get better with time as swelling decreases and your eyes adjust to their new crease. Your results will be long-lasting and improve the symmetry of your face.

Cost of Asian Eyelid Surgery in Los Angeles

The cost of each eyelid surgery will vary based on the aesthetic goals of the procedure and techniques implemented. For example, double Asian eyelid surgery will be priced differently than a procedure that combines traditional eyelid surgery with Asian blepharoplasty. These are two popular procedures that are often combined.

Whatever your surgery, the procedure will be customized to your anatomy and will work to balance your face.

If you are interested in the average double eyelid surgery cost, give us a call.

Los Angeles Asian Eyelid Surgery FAQs


Eye fold surgery is a procedure that helps to create a fold in the upper eyelid.


This procedure, like many surgeries, may produce discomfort. Your surgeon will use anesthetic during the procedure to make the surgery comfortable. As this anesthetic wears off after the procedure, pain medications can be used to reduce discomfort and any soreness.


A single eyelid also called a monolid, is when the eyelid does not have a crease. This creates the appearance of one eyelid. This is a common physical Asian attribute.
A double eyelid is when a fold appears in the eyelid when the eye is open, giving the appearance of two eyelids.


Asian eyelid surgery is a personalized procedure that will vary in cost based on the customizable aspects of the surgery.


Asian eyelid recovery will vary in time based on the patient’s health, extent of treatment, and the size of the area being improved. The average recovery time is ten to fourteen days.
To learn about how an eyelid surgery will transform your appearance, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim today at (213) 700-4297.

*Results May Vary