Non-Surgical Ptosis Correction

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Beautiful Young asian Woman stock imagePatients who experience ptosis can report a range of concerns, from eye asymmetry to impairments to eyesight. However, many individuals either cannot or would prefer not to have surgical correction of droopy eyelids and eye asymmetry. Dr. Kenneth Kim works with patients using a non-surgical ptosis correction technique that can fix eyelid drooping within minutes with results that can last for years.

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Mild Ptosis
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Moderate Ptosis
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Severe Ptosis

How Does Non-Surgical Ptosis Repair Work?

Traditional ptosis correction involves adjusting the underlying tissues or muscles to open the eyelid. Ideally, the upper eyelid will rest just slightly above the iris (colored part of the eye), and returning the eyelid to this position is the goal of ptosis repair procedures. However, the non-surgical approach avoids the use of incisions while still tightening the levator muscle in the eyelid for a higher eyelid position.

The Technique

The non-surgical approach instead relies on a minimally invasive threading technique. Dr. Kim precisely threads a high-durability, ultra-thin thread inside the eyelid, using the thread to tighten the muscle responsible for holding the upper eyelid open.
The entire process involves not a single incision, meaning there will be no visible scarring.

The Anesthetic

Local anesthetic is more than sufficient for ensuring a pain-free repair procedure. Dr. Kim specializes in awake procedure, using only local numbing to facilitate a safer experience for the patient. Even his full surgical procedures are done as awake procedures while still remaining painless due to his highly precise and minimal-damage approach.

The Duration

Non-surgical correction for ptosis, uneven eyes, and eye asymmetry typically takes only about 30 minutes, with results you can see from the moment Dr. Kim finishes the procedure. If you are combining non-incisional ptosis repair with an instant Asian eyelid treatment, the duration may be slightly longer.

The Recovery

One of the key reasons patients prefer a non-surgical approach for asymmetrical eye correction and droopy eye repair is the quick recovery. Most patients will only have a couple days of mild swelling that resolves rapidly.
  • All swelling is typically mild and brief, resolving within a couple of days.
  • If you traveled for the procedure, you can fly home within days without needing to first go through a period of downtime.
  • You do not need to come back in to remove stitches as you would for surgery.

Who Is Non-Surgical Ptosis Repair Right For?

  • Patients who are visiting or come for treatment from out of town
  • Patients who cannot have surgery due to health concerns
  • People who already had ptosis surgery and need revision but do not want another surgery
  • People who want ptosis correction but do not want to spend the time, energy, and money to travel abroad for this procedure
  • Patients with mild to moderate ptosis (severe may be best addressed by our surgical approach)
If you have ptosis accompanied by excess or loose skin, the surgical approach may prove better. Dr. Kim offers both surgical and non-incisional options for addressing We go through a consultation process with each patient to ensure they are matched with the approach that best suits their situation. If a non-incisional approach proves ideal for you,

What Do the Results Look Like?

You can expect near-instant improvements following your procedure. Once Dr. Kim has provided support to the eyelid muscles using the threading technique, it should rest in a higher, natural-looking position. The thread used is a high-quality, medical-grade material designed to last most patients for several years. If the thread eventually becomes worn, patients can easily have the procedure again to restore their results.
The eyelid will sit in its ideal position over the iris, creating a more alert and youthful expression. Both eyelids will sit at the same position, creating a symmetrical balance between the eyes.

Why Choose Dream Medical Group and Dr. Kim?

Dr. Kim is a leading pioneer of non-surgical eyelid techniques. He has published academic papers and been invited to conferences around the world to help move the cosmetic field ahead with these techniques. Non-surgical eyelid treatments are his specialty, and he has already provided enduring benefits for countless patients with this safe and effective way to correct eye asymmetry and ptosis.


Can I reverse the results?

You easily can. Dr. Kim can remove the thread during a quick visit, and your eyelid will return to its previous position.

Can I still have ptosis surgery if I change my mind?

Yes! If you like the results of the non-surgical approach, you can always switch to a permanent surgical correction at a future date.

How do I prepare for my visit?

We recommend avoiding caffeine, blood thinners, and tobacco products before and after the procedure. If you need to take any other measures, we will let you know during the consultation.

Can I redo the procedure?

Dr. Kim can quickly and easily restore results. He can also alter the appearance if you would like for future procedures.

When can I wear makeup after the procedure?

With in a day or two. However, still be careful when applying the makeup to avoid damaging the eyelid’s delicate structures.

Can I have this procedure if I want double eyelid surgery?

Dr. Kim has a unique technique that can use the non-incisional to both address eyelid ptosis and form an eyelid crease in a single visit.

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Wanting instant help does not mean you need to book a ticket to Korea or have to have surgery. Instead, you can work with a globally leading pioneer of the non-incisional ptosis correction procedure right here in Los Angeles. Rather than booking flights, you can simply book a consultation with Dr. Kim to come in and then can benefit from this safe, quick, and effective solution for droopy eyelids. Call our office or use our online form to start, and we look forward to helping you address your eyelid concerns.