Brow/Forehead Lift

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Beauty portrait of female face stock imageAside from sagging in an aging face, older Asians also have issues with sagging around the upper eyelid region. Although many people believe this is due to the presence of excess fat, it is actually the result of redundant eyelid skin, muscle, and brow; yet, it is the brow that is often overlooked when it comes to addressing this issue. Generally, Asians have thicker brow skin and fuller brow tissues, which are more prone to sagging as Asians age. Additionally, a descending brow and/or forehead can make a woman’s face look less feminine and the eyes look heavy and full. As a result, any existing eyelid crease will often become smaller and less defined.

Deep wrinkles in the forehead region are mostly formed due to habitual expressions.

The muscles in the forehead regions and in between the brows contract during facial expressions, and resulting in deep wrinkles. In addition, aging processes including stretched skin, skin elasticity loss, and sagging skin will contribute to the formation of fine lines.

About Brow / Forehead Lifts

Also known as Brow Lifts, Forehead Lifts can enhance the overall appearance of a person. Forehead Lift can be performed in conjunction with a Facelift and are a great way to treat the signs of aging in the upper eyelid and/or forehead. Furthermore, Forehead Lifts in conjunction with a Facelift help to create a more “balanced” look between the areas of the face that benefit from a Facelift and an aging forehead.

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Incisions are made long the hairline, and stretched and sagging skins are lifted. The wrinkling muscles can be modified and redundant skin can be removed, which result in a flat and smooth forehead. Since the incisions are made along the hairline, scars will not be noticeable, and the surgery outcome last for a long period of time.

Post-Operative Care

The duration of the surgery will vary based on the extent of the procedure; yet, the duration of Facelift surgeries is typically 2 to 4 hours. The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and oral sedation.

*Results May Vary