Breast Lift

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breast ptosis stock imageThe 3 main ways to treat breast ptosis and droopiness are breast enlargement, excision of any droopy breast tissue and/or skin, and breast reduction performed in conjunction with a breast lift.

Breast enlargement procedures involve the insertion of breast implants that push the breast tissue superiorly and fill the overall breast area. On the other hand, during a breast tissue and/or skin excision procedure the breast size is maintained but the droopy breast tissue and skin are surgically removed.

breast ptosis sketch imageThis procedure may also involve either a periareolar breast lift or reduction where the tissue around the areola is removed to lift the breast, and which is applicable in minor breast droopiness, or a breast tissue lift and autoaugmentation, where the lower breast tissue is re-located to the central aspect of the breast in order to “autoaugment” or naturally lift the breast tissue. Meanwhile, breast reduction procedures are performed at the lower and outer aspects of the breast in order to decrease the breast volume while elevating the position of the areola.

Surgical Duration

The surgical duration will vary based on the approach and implant type used, but the average is 1 to 2 hours.

Anesthesia Options

Choice of anesthesia is given to the patient and the entire procedure may be done under local anesthesia (i.e., a method used by Dr. Kenneth Kim that numbs any sensation on and/or around the surgical site. This is often done through the direct injection of anesthesia at the surgery site and may be accompanied by one of the following:


Helps ease tension and relax the patient during surgery.



A method used to render a patient temporarily sedated during surgery.



A method used to render a patient temporarily unconscious, paralyzed, and intubated with a breathing tube during surgery.


Recovery Time

The recovery time for this procedure will vary based on the approach and implant type used, but the typical recovery is as follows:
  • Return to normal activities in 1 day
  • Suture removal in 1 week
  • Reduced swelling in 3 weeks to 1 month

When surgery is performed properly, the person should experience minimal post-operative pain, discomfort, and swelling.

Expected Results

A beautifully contoured, proportional, and symmetrical breasts, a more attractive body shape and an overall more aesthetically pleasing look.

*Results May Vary