Chin Augmentation

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Quite often, a person is more concerned about how the face appears in the frontal view and less about the side view. However, the face line viewed from the side is also an important determinant in forming one’s first impression. Through chin augmentation, patients can work with Dr. Kim to reshape their facial aesthetic for a striking profile.

Why Choose Chin Augmentation

smiling woman with white teeth stock picture The chin plays an essential role in creating a beautiful facial line and overall contour. For example, if the chin is shorter than the overall size of the face, it will make the entire face seem to be protruding out. In addition, a retracted chin will make the mouth appear more protruding than the rest of the face. Having a beautiful volume, shape, and size of the chin are important in balancing out the rest of the face and enhancing face impressions.
Chin augmentation allows patients to achieve each of the aspects, renewing their facial contour for a more balanced appearance. The procedure results in a more defined facial contour that can bring out the best in your other facial features.

Chin Augmentation Options


One method for chin augmentation utilizes a silicone implant to create an ideal chin for each patient. Los Angeles Dream Surgery utilizes chin silicone implants that vary in size in order to tailor to a patient’s condition. The advantage of chin augmentation using a silicone implant is that the incision is made intraorally (inside the mouth), and incisions will not be shown externally. This means the patient will have no scarring visible on the face.

Fat Grafting

Another method for chin augmentation is fat grafting. Fat grafting is advantageous if other regions of the face require fat grafting. There are no implant-associated complications. However, a portion of the transferred fat can be absorbed after the surgery, so the final results will differ from how the chin appears immediately following the procedure. One of the main reasons patients select this method is because it does not involve any artificial materials.


Genioplasty focuses on altering the underlying structure of the jaw and chin and is an option for patients who want to address a recessed chin or a protruding chin. Through targeted and precise alterations to the bone of the chin, Dr. Kim can sculpt its shape for a more aesthetically pleasing structure. The goal is to bring a patient’s chin shape and protrusion into alignment with the rest of their natural features, creating a natural-looking chin shape

Chin Augmentation sketch stock image

The Chin Augmentation Procedure

The surgery takes place under local anesthesia, with or without oral sedatives to ensure patient comfort. The duration of the surgery is approximately 30 minutes, with some variation depending on the patient’s individual plan. For surgical genioplasty, a procedure can average closer to one hour. In some cases, patients combine chin augmentation with other facial procedures to further enhance their appearance. This can entail a longer procedure, though the results are well worth the extra time.

After the surgery, the patient can return home the same day and begin recovering. The skin stitches will be removed 4-6 days after the surgery at our office, during which time Dr. Kim will also go over the progress of your recovery. A patient is strongly advised to maintain a soft diet for one week after the surgery and avoid spicy food. By performing only awake procedures, Dr. Kim can provide patients with better results and a decreased recovery time.

How Long Do Results Last?

The results of chin augmentation with an implant are typically permanent, with the implant remaining in its target position. For augmentation with fat grafting, the results can last for years, maintaining your desired facial contour. However, there can be some changes in the augmented area in the first few months following the procedure as the fat settles and some of it is eliminated. However, Dr. Kim compensates for this factor by using slightly more fat for the augmentation so that when your final results settle, they will be according to your goals.
Additionally, genioplasty procedures create alterations to the chin structure for permanent results. While some natural changes to human bone density and structure can occur with aging or other factors (such as tooth loss), the results of genioplasty should be evident for a lifetime.

Combining Chin Augmentation With Facial Procedures

Many patients desire to adapt more than one aspect of their facial features in order to bring their aesthetic goals to fruition. These procedures can range from methods to reduce signs of aging to other methods of adapting or enhancing one’s natural features. During the patient’s consultation, we take the time to explore all their available options, ensuring their final plan delivers results according to their goals. Some of these common combinations include:
  • Neck Lift: Removes extra skin and tightens muscles for a smoother neck without sagging. Works to enhance chin augmentation by creating a smoother, tighter jawline area. We have both awake and traditional options available.
  • Brow Lift: Removes excess skin in the forehead, removing wrinkles and smoothing skin.
  • Facelift: A staple of cosmetic surgery to reduce sagging skin and remove wrinkles around the face.
  • Lip Augmentation: Improve the shape, size, or volume of the lips to best match your facial aesthetic.
  • Facial Bone Surgery: Precise and subtle reduction in cheekbones or jawbone structures can allow for a more contoured facial aesthetic.

Schedule Your Consultation Visit

The crucial first step in successful chin augmentation is an initial meeting with Dr. Kenneth Kim for a consultation. This personal meeting allows the patient to fully discuss their goals with the surgeon, laying the groundwork for an optimal procedure plan. You can set up your consultation today by using our online form or calling the office.
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