Latest Advancements in Korean Double Eyelid Surgery

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Double eyelid surgery is a dynamic approach that allows patients to customize their upper facial features fully. As an essential marker of personality and identity, the eyes are a popular area of the face to maintain at every stage of life. From blepharoplasty to double eyelid surgery, our top, experienced plastic surgeon has developed several … Read More

What Face Shapes Can Facial Bone Contouring Achieve?

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Facial bone surgery is an emerging technique that revolutionizes the ability to achieve better facial proportions. At Dream Medical Group, Dr. Kenneth Kim, a leading expert in facial bone contour surgery, offers the ultimate customization treatment plan. We are proud to provide permanent treatment to patients whose current bone structures are causing them mental or … Read More

How Are Techniques in an Awake Facelift Different?

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During an awake facelift, you can gain all the benefits of a traditional facelift procedure, with some additional advantages. You will still remain conscious, but you will not feel any pain. This modern facelift technique offers stunning, more refined results when performed by an experienced surgeon. If you are looking for the least invasive method … Read More

Why Does Awake Rhinoplasty Produce More Refined Results?

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Rhinoplasty is one of our most sought-after procedures by adults of all ages and backgrounds. It is also one of the most complex and precise plastic surgery options in the world, requiring a comprehensive skill set to deliver refined results. Commonly known as a “nose job,” rhinoplasty offers a way to reconfigure the nose into … Read More

How Does Awake Breast Augmentation Feel?

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Awake breast augmentation functions much the same as standard breast augmentation, but the patient is not placed under general anesthesia during the procedure. Although this might seem intimidating, this practice carries a slew of benefits. Despite the numerous benefits, patients may have some hesitation about the procedure. Namely, patients want to know how does awake … Read More

The Impact of Double Eyelid Surgery on Self-Esteem and Confidence

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Double eyelid surgery is pursued for several different reasons. Many come to this procedure seeking to achieve their aesthetic ideal, while others feel that the results of the procedure can help them discover quality-of-life benefits in their day-to-day lives. Below, we cover the impact of double eyelid surgery on self-esteem and confidence. The Impact of … Read More

Guide to No-Recovery Breast Augmentation

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No-recovery breast augmentation is a relatively novel plastic surgery procedure that is a game changer—remarkable advancement in breast surgery. It is an awake procedure done under the effects of local anesthesia, not general anesthesia. This means that the patient does not lose consciousness during the procedure and benefits from an overall safer experience. Below, we … Read More

Can Asian Eyelid Surgery Also Correct Ptosis?

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Double eyelid surgery can help to accentuate a patient’s natural eyelid form, adding openness and depth to create stunning, refined, and pleasing aesthetic results. For these qualities, the procedure has become very popular in recent years, especially as doctors refine the surgical techniques to make the results even more sophisticated. However, there is a common … Read More

The Role of Technology in Awake Plastic Surgery: Advancements and Innovations

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Awake plastic surgery is a patient-centric innovation in the world of plastic surgery that has taken patients and physicians captive, with its use being capable of producing remarkable outcomes and reducing recovery and preparation times. Accordingly, the rise of awake plastic surgery has risen in tandem with certain technological advancements which have made the process … Read More

Can an Awake Facelift Be a Bloodless Procedure?

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Bloodless plastic surgery is an impressive and increasingly popular aspect of plastic surgery and medicine in general. Bloodless surgeries aim to minimize the amount of bleeding a patient experiences as part of their procedure by using more precise methods and carefully placed incisions. By causing little to no bleeding, the surgeon can deliver the aesthetic … Read More