Can Asian Eyelid Surgery Also Correct Ptosis?

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Double eyelid surgery can help to accentuate a patient’s natural eyelid form, adding openness and depth to create stunning, refined, and pleasing aesthetic results. For these qualities, the procedure has become very popular in recent years, especially as doctors refine the surgical techniques to make the results even more sophisticated. However, there is a common … Read More

The Role of Technology in Awake Plastic Surgery: Advancements and Innovations

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Awake plastic surgery is a patient-centric innovation in the world of plastic surgery that has taken patients and physicians captive, with its use being capable of producing remarkable outcomes and reducing recovery and preparation times. Accordingly, the rise of awake plastic surgery has risen in tandem with certain technological advancements which have made the process … Read More

Can an Awake Facelift Be a Bloodless Procedure?

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Bloodless plastic surgery is an impressive and increasingly popular aspect of plastic surgery and medicine in general. Bloodless surgeries aim to minimize the amount of bleeding a patient experiences as part of their procedure by using more precise methods and carefully placed incisions. By causing little to no bleeding, the surgeon can deliver the aesthetic … Read More

The Different Types of Awake Rhinoplasty Techniques: Which One Is Right For You?

Awake rhinoplasty provides patients with an alternate surgical path for reshaping or enhancing their nose that puts less strain on their body. This technique has several applications in the plastic surgery field, where the patient is not placed under anesthesia while undergoing surgery. It works well with a range of cosmetic procedures, and it has … Read More

Can Double Eyelid Surgery Correct Ptosis?

Patients who want to adjust more than one feature at a time are far from uncommon, but most procedures are specialized to the point of generating only certain results. In consultations with patients, we have encountered a fair number who want both to eliminate ptosis (or droopy eyelids) while also adding an eyelid crease to … Read More

Benefits of Double Eyelid Surgery for Asian Women

Double eyelid surgery, also known as Asian blepharoplasty, is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This procedure has been well-received in Asia, where many women desire to modify their aesthetic, targeting heavy eyelids or monolids that cause them to appear tired and aged. But despite its popularity, there are still plenty of questions surrounding the procedure. One … Read More

What to Expect at Your Asian Eyelid Surgery Consultation

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Asian eyelid surgery is a special and unique procedure that should only be performed by surgeons with years of experience in this particular field. Patients who visit Dr. Kenneth Kim, a top-ranked plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, often ask about this kind of surgery and what it entails. If you are like our awesome clients, … Read More

Why You Recover Faster With Awake Blepharoplasty

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Awake plastic surgery offers a number of benefits as compared to traditional plastic surgery. Because of this, it has become increasingly popular among those considering cosmetic surgery. Improving your appearance is a great investment as it can improve your confidence. If you are considering plastic surgery, awake blepharoplasty can take years off your appearance. Below … Read More

Safety Advantages of An Awake Breast Augmentation

An Awake breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to reshape and resize a woman’s breasts to better fit her ideal measurements while avoiding the potentially dangerous side effects of general anesthesia. Traditionally, plastic surgeons have relied on general anesthetic drugs like propofol to sedate and render a patient unconscious during a surgical procedure. These anesthetics drop the patient’s heart … Read More