What Face Shapes Can Facial Bone Contouring Achieve?

Facial bone surgery is an emerging technique that revolutionizes the ability to achieve better facial proportions. At Dream Medical Group, Dr. Kenneth Kim, a leading expert in facial bone contour surgery, offers the ultimate customization treatment plan. We are proud to provide permanent treatment to patients whose current bone structures are causing them mental or physical distress. But what face shapes can facial bone contouring achieve?

What Face Shapes Can Facial Bone Contouring Achieve?

The biggest question is: what face shapes can facial bone contouring achieve? How do we combine our unique methods to provide groundbreaking surgical results? If you are interested in learning more about facial bone surgery and the underlying concerns it seeks to address, keep reading.

Finding Your Best Facial Shape

There are a myriad of reasons why someone might be dissatisfied with the current shape of their face. Though some cosmetic issues can be assuaged with surface-level procedures like a facelift or dermal fillers, one’s overall appearance can often come down to bone structure. Anyone who deeply desires to change a part of their face—especially involving the cheeks, chin, or jawbone—may be the perfect candidate for our facial bone contouring techniques.

This is your opportunity to sculpt a new facial profile for yourself in line with your preferences. Whether you want to correct a congenital bone defect, achieve a more masculine or feminine shape, or refresh your looks to combat the signs of aging, you can gain all of this and more with our dynamic surgery.

Facial Bone Contouring Types

While working in collaboration with several world-renowned bone contour surgeons, Dr. Kenneth Kim has developed a series of groundbreaking techniques that can help you reach the facial symmetry you have always wanted. Take a look at some of the most popular and successful facial reconstruction types below.

Jaw Reduction Surgery

Jaw reduction surgery is available for those interested in thinning out the width of their jawbone. Some people develop jawbone flares, which create a square and masculine facial shape. While some hope to achieve that in their lifetime, many with natural jawbone flares wish to get rid of them right away.

V-Shaped Jaw Reduction

You might be feeling self-conscious about the masculinity of your jawbone. To slim and feminize this part of your face, you can opt for our wonderful jaw reduction options. Our procedure is commonly known as V-shaped jaw reduction, as we help your face grow into a more pleasing V shape. During the surgical process, the surgeon will remove the corners of the jawbone that are flaring out.

Mandible surgery is still in development, and while we have developed the most advanced safety and precision practices, it is important that you are still aware of the possible complications. This surgery carries a risk of bleeding, which is minimized by working with an experienced surgeon.

Cheekbone Reduction

This innovative surgery aims to reduce the bone structure of the zygoma or the malar, which are both parts of the cheekbone. Many people around the world adhere to a universal idea of beauty that they would love to achieve for themselves. As the most prominent features of the face, the cheekbones can dictate a lot about someone’s beauty or self-confidence.

Patients who opt for cheekbone reduction are usually those who have wide zygomas or cheekbones that flare out. These are the same patients who are looking to reduce the size of their cheekbones for a smaller, thinner, or more pointed facial feature. To achieve the ideal oval shape, Dr. Kenneth Kim uses a very unique strategy. Rather than the traditional method of making an incision through the top of the mouth, Dr. Kim uses the coronal method, which offers much more flexibility and safer results.

Chin Surgery

Genioplasty is another viable bone contouring option for anyone who wants to move their chin forward or reduce its overall size. Since this is a bone-related surgery, the doctor will likely use a method that cuts off some of the excess bone. If you remain worried about losing bone mass or you do not want to go through that type of surgery, there exists another method available.

Chin augmentation can also be completed through an implant process. The implant can help to create a sharper, more pointed chin, while also getting rid of features like a double chin or a pronounced cleft. Because of the way this surgery is performed, contouring is also possible in the neck area. Anyone who wants to get this surgery should be interested in improving the look of their chin and neck area as a whole.

Our Techniques Offer Incredible Results

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a unique and beautiful facial contour that you will be satisfied with for the rest of your life. In order to ensure that you are as happy as can be with your results, Dr. Kim has developed a series of unique methods that go further than the traditional techniques used for these procedures. Using different incisional methods and locations, Dr. Kim has full control over the total cheekbone rather than limited access to a part of the cheekbone. This allows for deeper customization and a better guarantee that you will reach your preferred facial harmony.

One issue that we have studied across the world is that cheekbone reconstruction can sometimes cause issues with the palate and with the skin. To prevent eventual facial drooping as a result of this bone contouring surgery, Dr. Kim uses a suspension technique that holds the soft tissue in place. This is not just a great way to avoid the need for reconstructive surgery in the future, but it also is very aesthetically pleasing.

Intraoral versus Coronal Approach for Oval Face Shape

One of the key aspects of Dr. Kim’s method is he uses a coronal approach rather than the traditional intraoral approach. Research has shown that the intraoral method for facial bone surgery can lead to less favorable results, particularly with a flattening of the face. The coronal approach produces a more refined result for patients, particularly those who want to have a more oval face shape. These improvements are due to improved osteotomy and midface soft tissue support with increased cheekbone stability.

Our Secret to a Successful Surgery

At the office of Dr. Kenneth Kim, we adhere to five important principles that ensure we deliver the absolute best before, during, and after the surgery process. The first is facial aesthetics, which is both a developed skill and an innate sense that groundbreaking surgeons know how to utilize. The face is arguably the most important part of your visual appearance, and it is important that every feature looks right.

Being happy with your appearance can greatly improve your mental health and even your performance in life. Our second pillar, biomechanics, ensures that you can achieve your ideal aesthetic beauty without sacrificing the functional parts of your body. Traditional surgical bone contouring surgeries carry risks of improper healing, eventual drooping, and even life-threatening bleeding. When it comes to protecting the integrity of your bone structure for years to come, soft tissue is the third pillar on which we base our compassion and our technique.

Bone healing is our next pillar, as bones heal differently than other parts of the body. You may experience different phases of growth and degeneration, which can at times feel counterintuitive to the healing process. However, as long as you maintain good communication with your surgeon throughout the recovery process, you should be on track to healing correctly. What is most important is that your body remains safe and healthy, which is why safety is our fifth and final pillar. There is never a reason to take chances or to opt for a risky procedure when it could harm you for the duration of your life.

Unique, Trendsetting Facial Bone Surgery Options Are Available Now!

The future has arrived. You can change the structure of your face down to the very bone, reaching new levels of aesthetic beauty that you may have previously thought unattainable. If you find yourself interested in reducing the bone structure of your cheeks, chin, or jawbone, then contact Dream Medical Group in Los Angeles right away. During your personal consultation, you can speak with us about your biggest aesthetic desires, and we will create a plan of care centered around you.

While many facial bone contouring methods add some risk to the surgical process, Dr. Kim and his team have worked hard to develop brand-new surgical strategies. Using our techniques and our expertise, we can offer you even more satisfying results that support your facial structure for a lifetime of happiness. Contact us today to learn more and to start on your new facial contouring journey.