Instant Non-Surgical Double Eyelid Surgery

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Choosing cosmetic eyelid treatments can allow patients to discover an empowered sense of self aligned with their aesthetic preferences. A non-surgical double eyelid procedure gives patients a dynamic new appearance without the wait associated with surgical techniques. Dr. Kim is the leading provider of instant non-surgical double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles for patients across the United States.

How Does Non-Surgical Double Eyelid Surgery Work?

The traditional method for establishing an eyelid crease involves an incision and repositioning of the eyelid tissue. Additionally, some excess skin may be removed if needed.
Beautiful Young asian Woman stock image While Dr. Kim proudly provides this option as well, he wants each patient to choose a solution that they feel comfortable with. The non-surgical approach instead makes use of a threading technique to create a natural-looking eyelid crease.

The Technique

First, a suture of medical thread is passed through the inner aspect of the dermis. All work is done beneath the eyelid, so there are no exterior punctures that will be visible. The thread then passes through the orbicularis oculi muscles and then to the levator aponeurosis muscle deep into the tarsal. The suture is then woven back and forth using one of several techniques to create the crease.

The Anesthetic

We only use local anesthetic for all our procedures, avoiding the risks posed by general anesthesia. Using only local numbing still ensures a pain-free treatment that is safer for the patient. It also wears off soon after your visit.

The Duration

Patients can expect about 30 minutes for their procedure. If you are also having non-surgical ptosis correction, the visit will be a little longer. As soon as the procedure is over, you can return home.

The Recovery

Instant double eyelid surgery has a very brief recovery period. Dr. Kim’s techniques for awake Asian eyelid surgery already involve a minimal recovery period. But the instant procedure is even milder. Some key notes about the recovery include:
  • There is minimal mild swelling that quickly resolves
  • Patients who travel for the surgery can have surgery and leave to fly home within a couple of days
  • There is no need to return for suture/stitch removal

Who Is Instant Korean Double Eyelid Surgery For?

The in-depth consultation process ensures you receive the procedure type that suits your needs, expectations, and preferences.

An instant eyelid crease procedure is best for a certain range of patients, while surgical methods may be better for others. Dr. Kim provides both surgical and non-surgical variants of double eyelid procedures, working with patients to match them with what best suits them.

Some signs that the instant crease option is right for you include:

  • Wanting an option that requires less commitment (a reversible option)
  • Desiring results that look entirely natural
  • Wanting to avoid any significant recovery period
  • Coming from out of state (no follow-up required)
However, a surgical solution may prove best for patients who meet the following criterion:
  • Have excess skin that needs to be addressed
  • Want a permanent eyelid crease

What Do the Results Look Like?

With each procedure, the goal is to deliver results that are immediately noticeable but do not look like you had surgery. This same foundation applies to how Dr. Kim approaches creating a non-incisional double eyelid. While a crease is created, it is done with the rest of a patient’s features taken into account. This allows the crease to blend with your individual appearance without anyone suspecting that it is anything but your natural look.
The thread used to create the crease is designed to safely exist within the tissues for years without issue or wear. The results can last anywhere from several years up to 15 years. If you want to return to your previous appearance, the sutures can easily be removed in a single visit..

Why Choose Dream Medical Group and Dr. Kim?

Beautiful smiley asian Woman stock imageOutside of Korea, very few surgeons provide non-incisional Asian eyelid surgery. Because of this, many people spend thousands of dollars on travel to Korea for instant double eyelid options. But this does not even guarantee you will work with a skilled surgeon who can provide a safe procedure with refined results.

Dr. Kim and Dream Medical Group, a leading cosmetic surgery group in Korea, are pioneers of this procedure. Dr. Kim has written and contributed to multiple published reviews as a leading physician for non-surgical double eyelid procedures. He is routinely invited to Korea to speak and give talks on surgical versus non-surgical double eyelid techniques. He now uses his expertise to open the door for patients in the US to have the opportunity to receive instant Korean double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles without the need to travel abroad.

Non-Surgical Double Eyelid FAQS

Can I reverse the results?

Yes. The sutures can be taken out, and your appearance will return to how it was before.

Can I still have double eyelid surgery if I change my mind?

Certainly! Many patients use the instant procedure to try out the double eyelid look. If they love how it looks, the suture can be removed and a full surgery can be done.

How do I prepare for my visit?

Avoid smoking or any stimulants (coffee & caffeine). Minimize salt intake. Bring a contact lens case if you wear contacts (or only wear glasses that day).

Can I redo the procedure?

Yes. Though, we recommend no more than three times to avoid damaging the eyelid.

When can I wear makeup after the procedure?

You can resume wearing makeup within a day in most cases. However, still be careful when applying it to avoid damaging the sutured areas.

Can I have this procedure if I have ptosis?

You can! Dr. Kim has a special technique that can address ptosis in one or both eyes at the same time as this procedure.

Schedule Your Consultation

Wanting instant double cosmetic eyelid surgery does not mean you need to book a ticket to Korea. Instead, you can work with a globally leading pioneer of the non-surgical double eyelid procedure right here in Los Angeles. Instead of booking flights, you can simply book a consultation with Dr. Kim and come in to learn if this procedure is right for you. Due to the ease of having this procedure, patients can have the consultation and procedure in a single visit.