Sub-Brow Lift

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Beautiful Young asian Woman stock imageA sub-brow lift is a surgical procedure that enhances facial appearance by removing thick, puffy skin just above the eyelids. Sub-brow lifts create subtler results than a full forehead lift for patients who aren’t yet ready for such a dramatic change.  The procedure can resolve issues such as drooping eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, asymmetric eyebrows while restoring youthful expressions.

Lift Yourself Out of Slumping Eyebrows

Have you ever been told you look tired, sad, or upset when you don’t feel that way at all? Aging can change our appearance in subtle ways, some of them undesirable. We want our faces to reflect our joyful expressions and express our vitality, not be chained to the unwanted effects of aging. Slumping eyebrows can make you look tired or sad even when you feel vibrant on the inside.

A Sub-brow lift helps refresh your appearance with the radiance of youth without changing the position of the entire brow, as is the case with more involved surgeries.

Dr. Kenneth K. Kim, of Dream Medical Group, has a passion for eyelid and eyebrow renewal. Eyelids and eyebrows are the focus of his specialty facial procedures. He brings an abundance of experience to complement his passion for framing beautiful eyes with balanced brows. He can revamp slouching eyebrows or he can combine a sub-brow lift with double-eyelid surgery if the patient requests it. Dr. Kim is constantly focused on innovating and elevating his brow lift procedures. Many of our Asian patients request brow lifts to achieve the appearance they desire. If you are wondering if brow lifts can benefit you, connect with our Los Angeles office online or by calling 213-700-4297

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Eyelid Surgery Before & After Patient #4728
Eyelid Surgery Before & After Patient #4728
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Eyelid Surgery Before & After Patient #4931
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Eyelid Surgery Before & After Patient #5012
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About Sub-Brow Lifts in Los Angeles

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and tautness of youth. Sun damage, caffeine, alcohol can all exacerbate the effects of natural aging. Sometimes called forehead rejuvenation, sub-brow lifts help restore a youthful appearance to your facial features.


A sub-brow lift is an intermediate step on the way to a full forehead lift. Sub-brow lift is a simpler, more elegant surgery, so it is ideal for younger patients who are only looking for a little lift around the eyes. Many of our Asian patients have thick eyelid skin and heavy eyelid components beneath the brows. These facial features will drop over time. This phenomenon occurs mostly in their 30’s, but it can start as early as the late-20’s in some patients, where the skin stretches with time. This occurrence results in eyelids that cover a portion of one’s eyes.
Patients often undergo a sub-brow lift simultaneously with double eyelid surgery to see dramatic improvements. Moreover, patients with natural double eyelids that were covered by the droopy eyelid will benefit from this procedure, as the surgery will reveal their double eyelid.
With sub-brow lifts, we have precise control of how much eyelid gets lifted and how many creases will be shown. Once we redrape the skin and muscle underneath the brow lines, the eyelid skin will appear less puffy and more smooth.

Sub-Brow Lift Benefits

  • Restores a youthful appearance to the forehead
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead
  • Creates an attractive arch for the eyebrows
  • Balances asymmetric brows
  • Resolves drooping or sagging eyelids

Your Personal Consultation with Dr. Kim

All successful aesthetic procedures rely on excellent communication. Your surgeon must understand your goals and expectations in addition to just assessing your medical history. In return, you want a cosmetic surgeon who can communicate all the intricacies of the specific procedure in ways that you understand. Dr. Kim won’t overpromise to get you to sign on the dotted line. He will be open and transparent about what can be achieved with a sub-brow lift and what limitations exist. A surgeon should be able to show you a portfolio of before-and-after pictures, so you develop an honest understanding of the procedure’s results. In short, you want a surgeon that specializes in the procedure you want.

Dr. Kim specializes in eyebrow, and eyelid, remodeling techniques with a focus on Asian eye anatomy. He focuses his practice on crafting beautiful eyes that harmonize with the rest of the facial features. He’s studied the latest techniques in plastic and reconstructive surgery from around the globe. Dr. Kim has practiced in South Korea, mastering Asian eyelid techniques, and received Fellowship training in Switzerland. He’s also published numerous papers on surgical techniques for Asian double-eyelids and treating severe cases of drooping eyelids. As the Chairman of the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s Upper Blepharoplasty and Visual Field Loss Guideline Task Force, he possesses an expert understanding of how eyebrows contribute to a youthful and attractive face. With Dr. Kim, you aren’t just getting a plastic surgeon, but a verified master at brow lifts and how eyebrows achieve a balance with facial features.

To discover more about how sub-brow lifts might help you realize the facial features you dream about, schedule an appointment online or call our Los Angeles office at 213-700-4297.

Sub-Brow Lift Procedure

forehead reduction stock imageSub-brow lifts require an incision just below the eyebrows, and minimal-tension. With Dr. Kim’s meticulous suturing technique, the remaining scar appears less visible. However, patients who are concerned about incision lines may apply brow makeup or a brow tattoo for more natural-appearing results.

The surgery takes place under local anesthesia, with or without oral sedatives. The duration of the surgery is 45 minutes. The skin stitches will be removed 4-6 days after the surgery at our office. A sub-brow lift will not cause major swelling. Most swelling will subside in 1 week. Any bruises or remaining swelling will disappear in 3 to 8 weeks.

Preparation and Recovery

For a complete list of pre-operative and post-operative instructions please review our guidelines on preparing for surgery. Make sure to follow any personalized instructions that Dream Medical Group provides you.


Dr. Kim focuses on achieving remarkable results for his patients. Feel free to read over our patient reviews. You can stay updated on double eyelid surgery and aesthetic procedures in general by following our blog.

Corresponding Procedures: Forehead Lift

Patients can receive double eyelid surgery for correcting drooping eyelids. However, there are patients who may have already undergone double eyelid surgery and desire another approach to enhance their eyelid functionality and appearance. Depending on the severity of the slouching brows, the presence of double eyelids, and the thickness of the eyelid, Dr. Kim will determine if a forehead lift is the most suitable surgery for the patient. It is imperative that a surgeon examine the patient in order to determine the location and the cause of the sagging. 

When sagging occurs in the brow region, the most effective method would be a forehead lift.

A forehead lift begins with an incision on the scalp. Then, Dr. Kim repositions the skin and muscle of the forehead and brows. As the forehead region is pulled upward, we correct sagging eyelids and also clear forehead wrinkles. Dr. Kim carefully places the incision on the scalp which leaves minimal scarring. Some surgeons make the common mistake of injuring the sensory nerves during a forehead lift. It is important that a surgeon possesses a thorough understanding of forehead anatomy so there is minimal sensory deficit after surgery.
Patients with high eyebrow positions are not the best candidates for a forehead lift to correct sagging eyelids. A forehead lift will over-elevate the brow position which will result in a persistent look of surprise. These patients should receive a sub-brow lift instead.
In addition, the frowning muscle/corrugator muscle can also be removed at the same time. Brow lifts are adaptable procedures. The customizable nature of the procedure makes it highly effective in refreshing the appearance of those with heavy eyelids.

How Much Does a Sub-Brow Lift Cost in Los Angeles?

Just as eyebrows aren’t one-size-fits-all, sub-brow lifts cannot be selected from a shelf with a one-size-fits-all price. Each procedure is highly customized and designed for each individual. Some brow lifts will be more intensive than others. At the end of your consultation, Dr. Kim can provide you with the cost of your individualized sub-brow lift.


Is a sub-brow lift permanent?

Nothing in the universe is truly permanent, not even the sun. However, brow lifts offer long-lasting results that patients can enjoy for a decade or more. Age eventually catches up to us all, but with brow lifts, you can delay the worst effects for a long time.

Will my hair grow back after a sub-brow lift?

Yes. Usually it will take a few weeks or a couple months at the longest, but your hair will almost certainly grow back after a sub-brow lift.


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