The Impact of Double Eyelid Surgery on Self-Esteem and Confidence

Double eyelid surgery is pursued for several different reasons. Many come to this procedure seeking to achieve their aesthetic ideal, while others feel that the results of the procedure can help them discover quality-of-life benefits in their day-to-day lives. Below, we cover the impact of double eyelid surgery on self-esteem and confidence.

The Impact of Double Eyelid Surgery

One of the main reasons patients seek out double eyelid surgery is that a well-performed one can work wonders on self-esteem and confidence. When you look the way you love to see in the mirror, good things tend to follow.

If you are interested in receiving double eyelid surgery or are just curious about how this procedure can influence you, take a look at this primer that describes how it interacts with one’s self-esteem.

What Is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double eyelid surgery, or Asian blepharoplasty as it is also known, is a procedure specifically intended to bring out the best qualities and unique features of the eye in patients of Asian descent. Many individuals of this descent will have an eyelid structure without a crease, known as a monolid. While this can occasionally be associated with a thicker eyelid other patients still have thin eyelids. Asian blepharoplasty can work with thin or thicker eyelids with excellent outcomes for both.

During an Asian blepharoplasty, a physician manipulates the eyelid to create a dynamic fold or an outer crease of one’s eyes where there was none before. This structural change creates a widening effect while also adding a more expressive and dynamic nature to the eyelid and eye area.

A successfully performed double eyelid surgery can be both functional (by increasing the visual field) and aesthetically pleasing. These elements have contributed to the rising popularity of this procedure, especially with double eyelid surgeries for younger patients. 

The Benefits of Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery can be beneficial for people of a wide range of ages, while some benefits may be felt sooner in life by younger individuals, according to a study.

Among these benefits are the following:

  • Diminished indications of aging
  • Improved symmetry and form of the eyes
  • Longer-looking lashes
  • A more prominent variety of expressions on the face
  • An increased selection of makeup choices

Because this is often the time when the subtle signs of aging begin to appear, patients in their 30s, who are still relatively young, are the ones who receive this kind of treatment most commonly. Additionally, having the procedure at this younger age allows for lifelong enjoyment of the results. There is no precise cutoff for patient age for this treatment, and any patient old enough to make personal decisions could be a potential candidate.

Feeling and Looking Your Best

A double eyelid procedure can help bring out and accentuate the already beautiful elements of one’s appearance. Many patients report feeling emotionally more satisfied by their appearance after the execution of a successful Asian blepharoplasty.

The reasons for this are manifold. By helping patients achieve aesthetic ideals that they may have harbored for quite some time, a double blepharoplasty can actualize one’s inner desires. This can subsequently trickle down into other areas of one’s life, leading to a positive feedback loop in many areas of a patient’s well-being.

Having one’s appearance synchronize with your personal beauty standards also tends to increase one’s confidence and self-esteem. It comes as no surprise that one’s quality of life can be intimately tied to how you feel about yourself. While confidence in one’s appearance is not a blanket solution to all of life’s problems, it does provide a foundation for a more fulfilling life.

Who Can Benefit from Double Eyelid Surgery?

Broadly speaking, most patients for whom an eyelid fold correction would match their ideals would see a positive impact from double eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is open to most adult patients, but there are a few things to consider prior to the procedure.

Since the body is still rapidly developing before that age, it is often preferable for younger people to wait until they are 18 before seeking any kind of medical attention, though younger patients can also have this procedure. For double eyelid surgery, many patients wait until they are about 25 for this procedure.. By this time, the features should have fully settled, allowing patients to see results that should be suitable for years to come. However, patients who are under 20 can also have double eyelid surgery. Asian eyelid surgery is also an option for older patients, as it can also reduce signs of aging when adapted for this population.

Lastly, patients of any gender can benefit from this procedure. Many men choose Asian blepharoplasty as it can result in a more approachable, alert, or interested look to their facial expression. The appearance associated with a heavier monolid can occasionally be one of fatigue or solemnity that the patient does not actually feel or want to exhibit. Women also see substantial benefit from the procedure, allowing for an aesthetic that appears more open, dynamic, and youthful that emphasizes the beauty of their eyes and facial structure.

How to Prepare for Double Eyelid Surgery

Compared to more involved plastic surgery procedures, double eyelid surgery carries fewer risks. This is particularly true if it is performed as an awake procedure by an experienced, qualified surgeon. Nevertheless, you should still take certain actions to ensure you are ready for the procedure.

These preparatory steps include changing your intake of specific medications and supplements, potentially quitting smoking, and adjusting your alcohol use. Your top plastic surgeon will also provide more extensive instructions based on your individual situation.

In general, you will have the opportunity to discuss this matter with your doctor during your preoperative or consultation visit.

The Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery Timeline

Each patient’s recovery timeline will look slightly different due to the unique nature of one’s physiology and healing process. With awake Asian eyelid surgery, patients tend to experience minimal downtime and a mild recovery. That being said, there are certain steps you can take to facilitate your own recovery process.

It is strongly recommended that you keep your head up when you are awake and when sleeping after your surgery is over and you are sent home to recuperate. To ensure your head stays raised while at rest, we advise using a few pillows to prop it up. After your surgery, it is usually recommended to keep your head elevated for 3 to 7 days.

Having a cold compress on hand to apply to your eyes in the event that you have any edema following surgery is another helpful item to keep on hand. If you see any swelling or bruises in your eyes, switching between cold and warm compresses can be quite helpful.

To optimize the amount of energy your body can devote to healing following the treatment, it is advised that you minimize the amount of strain you impose on your physical systems in the immediate postoperative period.

This can entail deciding to take a few days off from work and reducing the quantity of intense activity you often engage in. Considering the particulars of your recuperation habits, this length of time may extend to seven or eight days.

Mentally Preparing for Double Eyelid Surgery

You can go into your surgical operation prepared with the appropriate expectations for your particular procedure by knowing the guidelines and schedules established for the various types of surgery.

You will be more satisfied with the outcome in the end if you have reasonable expectations for the procedure because you will know what to expect in reality. Beyond merely the durability of the outcomes, this is also true for various facets of the process.

In addition to the passing of time, certain stressors can also affect how long the results of your surgery will persist in the areas around your eyes. It is advised to minimize the amount of time you spend under these pressures.

A few of these consist of:

  • Extended sun exposure
  • Smoke exposure from tobacco use
  • Unintentional collision or injury
  • Insufficient sleep

Selecting Your Double Eyelid Surgeon

You can almost certainly count on your procedure going more smoothly if you choose a surgeon who specializes in double eyelid surgery. That is because a specialist will always have an advantage over a generalist when it comes to that particular strategy. For the best positive impact of double eyelid surgery, selecting the appropriate physician is key.

Moreover, experts in eyelid surgery have probably performed the procedure you need successfully hundreds of times. This raises the practitioner’s level of expertise with time and promotes a safer, better outcome. Knowing this can help you relax during the surgery, which carries certain inherent dangers like any major medical procedure.

Lastly, and of great importance, is to look for a surgeon who has trained in Asia. Many of the latest advancements for Asian blepharoplasty take place in Korea, so surgeons who have trained in this country or the surrounding countries will likely be using the most refined and advanced techniques.

Finding a Board-Certified Surgeon

Verifying your doctor’s board certification is the most crucial step in ensuring they are qualified to perform the procedure you desire.

Board certified individuals are those who have earned a certification from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Physicians who meet these standards are subject to a stringent set of regulations that ensure their safe practice of medicine.

These requirements comprise, among other things:

  • Attaining a medical degree
  • Finishing at least six years of surgical training
  • Completing three years of plastic surgery residency training
  • Passing multiple challenging written and oral exams
  • Receiving a medical degree from an accredited university.
  • Completing the annual CME requirements
  • Providing proof that they have a past history of successful procedures.

Finding a Surgeon Who Practices Consistently

As they say, practice makes perfect, and plastic surgery is not an exception to this rule. It is for these reasons that you should look for a surgeon who has a solid and reliable practice.

This will help you feel more at ease knowing that your doctor is skilled and knowledgeable about the most recent advancements in double blepharoplasty procedures.

Knowing that your surgery is in the capable and experienced hands of a consummate professional will only help you in the end. A steady practice often entails a surgeon operating on at least two eyelids per week.

Your Pre-Surgical Consultation

You will first have a private consultation with your healthcare physician to select the best course of action for your particular set of issues if you choose to pursue double blepharoplasty therapy.

During this appointment, your physician will go over a number of crucial details regarding your treatment, including your past medical history, present health, and the medical history of your family.

By discussing your needs and physical qualities with your doctor beforehand, you can work with them to develop a personalized plan.

The Double Eyelid Surgeon LA Trusts

Dr. Kenneth Kim and his team offer Los Angeles and the surrounding area the best in double eyelid surgery. If you are interested in having this procedure performed or would like to schedule a consultation to learn more, contact Dr. Kim’s office to set up an appointment. Discover the impact of double eyelid surgery on confidence for yourself.


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