Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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Ethnic rhinoplasty is a nose job that will improve your appearance while honoring the distinctive features of your unique and beautiful ethnic heritage. At Dream Medical Group, we marry cutting edge surgical techniques with a keen aesthetic eye. 

The widely-read Dream Medical Group blog provides you access to all that is in vogue in the world of cosmetics. Whatever your ethnic background, Dr. Kenneth Kim will help make your aesthetic dreams a reality. 

A Custom Nose Job Tailored to Your Singular Appearance

Many people have the mistaken impression that plastic surgery is about changing your appearance. In fact, the profession’s elite practitioners are guided by a higher principle. The fundamental laws of aesthetics are bound by the standards of symmetry. Plastic surgery is high art with ancient Asian roots.[1]

Dr. Kim wants to augment your appearance by helping you to look your personal best. True beauty is never born of imitation. Dr. Kim believes that real beauty comes from within.  

At Dream Medical Group, you can correct the size, shape and structure of your nose in a graceful, subtle fashion without forsaking your essential essence. Dr. Kenneth Kim is a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, a former Rhodes Scholar and an alumnus of Yale University’s elite medical school. When people seek the best Asian rhinoplasty, they call Dr. Kim at Dream Medical Group at 213-700-4297Contact us to schedule a consultation. 


The nose is a focal point of our entire countenance. Most people seek rhinoplasty because they are unhappy with their overly large or imbalanced nose. But there are functional benefits to a nose job, as well. Rhinoplasty may also improve airway patency. The procedure corrects blocked airways if the shape of your nose is causing breathing difficulties or chronic sinusitis. 


An ethnic rhinoplasty will restore symmetry to your face and harmony to your appearance without changing your fundamental look.[2] Give your confidence a boost with a more balanced nasal profile, smooth and easy breathing while preserving the distinctive features of your ethnic heritage. 


All humans have the same basic anatomy but the balances and ratios of various features may be distinctive to certain ethnic groups. A leptorrhine nose, for example, is the narrow type found in most Caucasians. Moderately shaped mesorrhine nose and the broad, flat platyrrhine nose type are usually found in other races.[3] These subtle differences are the outcome of evolution. In dry, cold climates, noses often tend to be narrower. In hot, humid climates, noses are often wide. Our post-modern society is no longer bound by the regional eccentricities of our biology and our global culture shares and appropriates cultural trends from around the world. However, there is still something authentically beautiful about one’s true, ethnic appearance. Dr. Kim understands that. 

Ideal Candidates

Qualified candidates seek to intensify their allure without forsaking their cultural identity. Their ethnic appearance is important to them. As one of Los Angeles’ leaders in ethnic and Asian Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kim is well-acquainted with the concept of gracefully refining rather than crudely altering one’s appearance. An ethnic nose job at Dream Medical will add a dash of style and symmetry to the face your mother gave you. Some parents, in fact, often seek ethnic rhinoplasty for their children hoping to correct a congenital, hereditary condition they may know themselves all too well. The best age for rhinoplasty is when your nose has reached adult size, starting at about 16 years old.[4]

Your Personal Consultation at Dream Medical Group

Dr. Kim pictureLos Angeles is the dream factory for the world. When people from around Southern California and beyond want to see their aesthetic dreams come true, they schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Kim. At your consultation, Dr. Kim or one of his transcendent team of medical professionals will conduct a brief physical examination and take a few photos of your nose from various angles. Like sculpture, the art of plastic surgery is a three-dimensional medium that expresses itself in both space and time. So, as part of your private consultation, Dr. Kim will need to get a sense of your medical history in order to qualify you for an ethnic nose job or any of our other stellar services. For a glimpse of your future satisfaction, peruse our patients’ 5-star reviews of their Dream Medical Group experience.

Contact us to set your appointment. Call 213-700-4297 to get the conversation started. 

Preparation & Procedure

Dr. Kim is one of Los Angeles’ elite plastic surgeons. For him, the preparation is nearly as important as the procedure itself. Before your surgery, Dr. Kim and his “Dream Team” will be sure to impart your personalized instructions to prepare for surgery. Below, we list some basics to keep in mind. 


  • Abstain from medications that may exacerbate bleeding 
  • Arrange for a ride and caregiver to pick you up after surgery 
  • Anticipate your needs during recovery and stock up on food and medical supplies

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure. The patient may be placed under general or local anesthesia depending on how involved the nose surgery will be. Dr. Kim has mastered many techniques.   


The bulbous nose indicates a nose with a large amount of soft tissue at the nasal tip, which makes the overall nose wide and flat on the face. In order to correct this, we will perform a tip-plasty. 


When a patient with a dorsal hump undergoes dorsal augmentation, the silicone implant can be carved in the shape of the hump to create a smooth dorsum. If the hump is severe, then the hump must be shaved before the augmentation.


The droopy nose tip can be corrected using tip-plasty. If the tip requires more refinement, ear cartilages and Medpor are grafted to achieve the ideal shape of the nose.


The hump reduction procedure entails two important parts: smoothing out the nose bridge and elevate the drooping nose tip to obtain a harmonious and ideal nose shape.


Tip-plasty can correct a low-sitting nose, a largely up-turned nose, a pointy nose, and a bulbous nose.

Complementary Procedures: Asian Eyelid Surgery

Like ethnic rhinoplasty, Asian Eyelid Surgery is a creatively crafted and expertly executed cosmetic procedure to correct aesthetic and functional concerns while also celebrating the unique beauty of your personal ethnic heritage. Dr. Kim is known throughout the world for his work on ethnic and Asian features. Often referred to as the East Asian blepharoplasty, this technique creates a fold in the upper eyelid or removes excess tissue in the eyelids to create a natural-looking double eyelid crease.  

How Much Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Cost in Beverly Hills?

The wonderful diversity of human faces is one of the features that make this world truly beautiful. Dr. Kim has dedicated his career to enhancing the aesthetics of ethnic characteristics without fundamentally altering them. Hence, every ethnic rhinoplasty is a custom job. At your private consultation, Dr. Kim and the Dream Medical Group team will become acquainted with your case as they qualify you for surgery. At this time, we will quote you an accurate cost. 


Refine Your Features at Dream Medical Group

We don’t want to change you. We only want to help you become the best version of yourself. Refine your features with the elite team at Dream Medical Group. Contact us to learn more.  


Does a nose job change your smile?

In the hands of a skilled surgeon, no, a nose job will most certainly not change your smile.[5] Contrary to some popular notions, plastic surgery is not about altering your appearance. The art of plastic surgery is intended to refine and enhance what you already have. By following the ancient principals of symmetry and balance, elite plastic surgeons will augment your natural beauty while still celebrating your uniqueness. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a term used to describe a nose job that does not interfere with or betray one’s cultural background. Now more than ever, the aesthetic industry understands that beauty emanates from within rather than conforming to an artificial set of standards.  

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