After double eyelid surgery: How to take care of your eyes

Double eyelid surgery is one of the most commonly and popularly performed anesthetic surgeries for Asian women. Double eyelid surgery can increase the size of eyes, bringing out beautiful features in the face.

However, in order to gain the best result and fast recovery, post-operative care is very crucial. Even though the surgery was performed flawlessly, poor post-operative care can result in bad outcomes. In this post, we will discuss what can be expected after the surgery, and how to take care of your eyes.

There will be critical swelling and possible bruising for the first 1-2 week after the surgery. Also, a patient will be able to see the incision on the eyelid. This will make the eyelid look unnatural, and opening eyes uncomfortable.

The severity of the swelling and bruising will depend on each individual and their eyelid condition. For example, patients with thick skin will have more swelling and longer recovery period than patients with thin skin.

The stitches on the eyelid are important for clean skin closure, but the stitches should be removed 4-6 days after the surgery. Patients should be careful during this time, because the incision site is at this most delicate period.

Finally, there are five utmost important recommendations that we strongly advise to our patients.

  1. Ice packing. For first 1-2 days, the swelling will become more severe due to blood flowing into the eyelid. This is our body’s own mechanism to treat injuries or incisions. However, controlling the amount of swelling for first 72 hours is critical and will determine your recovery period. More swelling you develop during this period will only slowly and gradually reduce for several days. Ice packing diligently and you will be rewarded with faster recovery!
  2. Elevation. It is important to keep your head elevated, even when you are sleeping. Bending over, lifting heavy weights, and lying down for a long period of time will result in more swelling during the first week of the surgery. Also, it could elevate the blood flow at your incision site, resulting in bleeding. So it is recommended that patients use more pillows to keep their head up while sleeping, and stay up as much as possible.
  3. Diet. Avoid salty food as much as possible, as they will retain more water in your body. Also, smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided for first 3 weeks for faster recovery and better healing. In addition, eating kabocha squashes, tomatoes, and pineapples also help to reduce swelling.
  4. What to avoid. Avoid putting eye make-up for first three weeks, especially when epicanthoplasty and lateral cathoplasty were performed. Putting eye make-up can result in infection and scar formation. In addition, removing the eye make-up, which often entails rubbing the eye regions, may result in incision opening, fold loosening, and other complications. Avoid wearing contact lenses for first three weeks.
  5. Patience! After the surgery, you may not see the result right away, and this may be stressful. However, remember that after the long period of waiting and patience, you will achieve beautiful results!

Patients’ cooperation during the recovery period will result in better double eyelid results. Maintain active communication with the office throughout the recovery period for emotional support and informed care.

Finally, I wish everyone going through the surgery the best of best outcome!