Dr. Kim: Leading Korean Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles

Dr. Kenneth Kim is an internationally renowned, highly sought-after, and innovative plastic surgeon specializing in Asian cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Through his accomplished education and career, Dr. Kim has taught advanced plastic surgery techniques, authored groundbreaking research publications in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, and – most importantly – improved the lives of patients who put their trust in his expert hands.

South Korea has become an international center for plastic surgery, developing some of the most advanced surgical techniques and adept surgeons. As a doctor heavily involved in research and academia on each side of the Pacific, Dr. Kim has brought the very best in Korean plastic surgery to his practice here in Los Angeles.

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Living the Dream

Patients that choose Dr. Kim have unprecedented access to expertise on an international level.

  • He’s frequently invited to lecture at conferences, and was recently a US delegate for an international upper blepharoplasty symposium, a research focus group.
  • He was also a co-editor of a breast surgery textbook that is used and studied internationally.
  • Dr. Kim is a clinical faculty member at UCLA, and at Seoul National University, Korea’s most prestigious academic institution.

Because of his academic connections and contributions, Dr. Kim is able to work with the finest minds in Korean and global medicine. In his work as an academic and as a reviewer of medical journal articles, he evaluates techniques. This allows him exposure and proficiency in a wide range of surgical methods that he can offer his patients for procedures that can be customized to their needs, and put the full extent of his knowledge to use, offering his patients the very best results.


As a child, and later as a surgeon, Dr. Kim split his time between Seoul, South Korea, and Southern California. His formative education would lay the foundation for one of the most esteemed and accomplished curriculum vitae in the plastic surgery industry.


Upon receiving a four-year scholarship to study at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Kim majored in Molecular and Cell Biology. This focus would teach Dr. Kim about the molecular structures and processes of cellular life. By learning about specialized disciplines such as biochemistry, microbiology, biophysics, molecular biology, genetics, and cell physiology, Dr. Kim would gain the fundamental knowledge that would prove consequential to his future studies on tissue regeneration during his research fellowship at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Through his four years at Berkeley, Dr. Kim routinely achieved a top cumulative GPA in his class semester after semester. His academic career was rightfully recognized with a Rhodes Scholar nomination and admittance to Phi Beta Kappa Society – an organization that selects only the top twenty juniors from every class in liberal arts or science discipline. Upon graduation, Dr. Kim held the highest cumulative GPA of Phi Beta Kappa members and was nominated for valedictorian of his graduating class. From Berkeley, Dr. Kim chose to attend medical school in New Haven, Connecticut, home to one of the most prestigious, and oldest, universities in the country.


Yale School of Medicine has an average score of 518 on the MCAT, annually putting the college in the top ten medical programs. With a four-year scholarship at Yale, Dr. Kim’s serious work ethic and acute research abilities placed him at the forefront of his medical class. Dr. Kim was then presented with the distinguished Yale Department of Surgery Research Award. This allowed him to study under the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellowship. This non-profit research organization is one of the nation’s largest philanthropies and plays a significant role in advancing biomedical research and science education. Currently, of the 350 members, 14 are Nobel Prize winners and 131 are members of the National Academy of Sciences. As a member of this prestigious organization, Dr. Kim was able to focus his research on tissue regeneration – a field that would prove pivotal in his career as a plastic surgeon.


After graduating from medical school, Dr. Kim spent the next seven years in residency at Northwestern University. Here, he focused on plastic and reconstructive surgery. During which time, he completed a fellowship on facial trauma and reconstruction at the University of California, Davis. Dedicating a year to his studies to surgical instrumentation design and development. Dr. Kim was the first U.S. plastic surgeon to be invited to the Craniomaxillofacial Research and Development Fellowship at the AO Institute in Switzerland. At the AO Institute, Dr. Kim researched advanced approaches to minimally invasive orbital surgical procedures. These centralized studies on perfecting eyelid surgery and preventing operative injuries led to Dr. Kim’s iconic work in creating a novel approach to non-incisional Asian blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and rhytidectomy. From this research and training, Dr. Kim would perfect his approach to Asian facial plastic surgery, an area often overlooked by most surgeons. With his skills, knowledge, and expertise in place, Dr. Kim was ready to establish his private practice in both places that raised him: Seoul and Southern California.

Dream Medical Group

Having trained with other expertly skilled surgeons in South Korea, Dr. Kim has fine-tuned his approaches to Asian aesthetic surgery. However, during his studies at the top academic circles, Dr. Kim realized a void in necessary research in Asian aesthetic surgery. Led by other renowned South Korean surgeons, Dream Medical Group was founded to fill this space in the industry and offer genuine, Asian-focused approaches to their clientele. Using advanced techniques – ones Dr. Kim was awarded for throughout his studies and education – Dream Medical Group offers their Asian clients operations that focus on their unique facial characteristics. Instead of the predominantly Western-centric aesthetic techniques that are standard in the world of aesthetic surgery, Dream Medical Group gives their Asian patients a more effective alternative when choosing to undergo aesthetic surgery. Because of his scientific and technical background as well as his similar interests to Dream, Dr. Kim was offered partnership affiliation with Dream and now serves as Dream Medical Group Director of Technology and Scientific Advancement. Because of his ties to Southern California, Dr. Kim is a proud partner of the Dream Medical Group Los Angeles Branch.


Being a life-long student, one of Dr. Kim’s passions is sharing his knowledge with those following in his footsteps. He also believes in always being at the forefront of advancements in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Kim has co-authored and collaborated on over twenty different publications on key topics in aesthetic surgery. He remains active in promoting excellence in medical research as a member of the review board of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal.

As an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical School, and Seoul National University, Dr. Kim has shared his rare experience and expertise with students who will one day take the baton from him in advancing the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has also been a frequent presenter on subjects that include: Asian rhinoplasty, deep wide plane facelift, and, a surgery he is famous for, double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction. 

Pioneered Procedures

During his research and surgical experience, Dr. Kim has become one of the leading experts in many different procedures in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Some of those procedures include:


Asian blepharoplasty, also known as double eyelid surgery, is a surgical solution to rid the puffy tissue from around the eye to bring a younger, more awakened appearance to the patient. As there are many unique features of Asian anatomy, a prominent feature is the eyelids. The tiny muscle that lifts the eyelid is attached differently than other ethnicities and is more delicate. This is why many Asian patients who have undergone traditional, Western-centric blepharoplasty may have experienced less than ideal results. Before performing double eyelid surgery, Dr. Kim takes the time to diagnose underlying ptosis to ensure clear results. He commonly combines the Asian blepharoplasty with ptosis correction to create an ideal double eyelid crease.


For other ethnicities, a rhinoplasty consists of extracting and excising abundant tissue to construct a shapelier, more harmonious nose. This typically includes reducing a prominent bump, slimming the width of the nostrils, and augmenting the tip to a higher neutral position. However, in Asian rhinoplasty, the dilemma resides in a scarcity of tissue and cartilage to use. So, in a technique pioneered by Dr. Kim, cartilages from the ear and rib are often donated to supply the surgeon with adequate resources to construct the patient’s desired nose.

If you wish to see how Dr. Kim can achieve your ideal aesthetic, please schedule a personal consultation at our Los Angeles offices.

Personal Consultation

With his esteemed knowledge and renowned career, Dr. Kim presents himself as a humble, centered physician who puts his patient’s safety and well-being before anything else. His foundational experience and expertise allow him to explain complex surgical procedures simply and concisely.

During your initial, private consultation, we will begin with a brief physical examination and, if this is your first time, a new patient intake interview. We will work to learn about your ideal aesthetic appearance and your recent medical history. Then, Dr. Kim will aim to achieve an overarching sense of your cosmetic concerns, so he can construct a personalized treatment plan. From listening to your aesthetic desires, Dr. Kim will be able to recommend specific procedures and answer any questions about our many services.



Dream Medical Group is a team of plastic surgeons based in Seoul, Korea. They are a group of highly-esteemed Korean plastic surgeons originally founded to pioneer aesthetic surgery focused on Asian anatomy. Through their sophisticated techniques and expert approach to Asian aesthetic surgery, they have helped hundreds of South Koreans, even several celebrities, achieve their desired appearance.