Natural eyes vs. real eyes

What is one’s natural eyes and what is one’s real eyes? Some patients present with their natural eyes with very small double eyelid folds or without any double eyelid folds. They are interested in having a double eyelid surgery but they are concerned that their natural eyes will be gone. However, what they do not see is their “real” eyes under the excess upper eyelid skin that is hooding over. Therefore, their “natural” eyes are masking their real eyes underneath. Another effect is that their eyelid elevating muscles are weak and therefore their eyelid position is low. They often look tired or mean.

What is so pleasing about performing double eyelid surgery is that the patients’ real beautiful eyes are revealed. Their eyes look bigger and more proportioned to their face. And the result does look natural. It is very interesting that after surgery, the patients feel that their operated eyes are their real natural eyes!