Significant Upper Eyelid Hooding Correction

Patients with significant excess upper eyelid skin hooding have few choices. One is to remove upper eyelid skin from the double eyelid fold line. However, the downside of this method is that the heavy eyelid brow skin and the brow is brought down. This creates a puffy Asian eyelid or double eyelid.

A natural looking Asian eyelid or natural double eyelid is when the upper eyelid is thin and not puffy.

There are two ways to lift the upper eyelid.

One is to do a forehead or a coronal lift. The other method is to cut the skin just under the brow region.

In these cases of significant upper eyelid hooding, the best correction is actually to combine the forehead lift / coronal brow lift and the subbrow lift.

In the most severe cases, double eyelid surgery can also be combined to remove the excess eyelid skin. By lifting the brow and removing the heavy brow skin, the eyelid skin becomes thinner and less puffy. Therefore, even without performing Asian eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery, the eyelid and the eyes will look refreshed.

Dr. Kenneth Kim, a board-certified plastic surgeon, member of the Dream Medical Group in Seoul, South Korea, in Los Angeles, California will evaluate what would be the best option for the hooding upper Asian eyelid.

Dr. Kim will show you how you will look with the forehead lift, a coronal brow lift, subbrow lift, and Asian eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery. By looking at the mirror and seeing how you will look as Dr. Kim guides you through your choices, you can determine what will be the best option for your eyes.

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