Non-Surgical Eye Lift

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Making eye contact is a powerful feeling. You can connect with the other person on various levels, studying their emotions as you simultaneously share your own. Your eyes convey volumes of intimate, unspoken information. If your upper facial features droop, however, the message your eyes are sending could get lost in translation. 

An eyelid surgery may provide exactly the clarity you are seeking. Dr. Kenneth Kim is the maestro of makeovers. He can assess your facial structure, listen to your concerns, and strategize the best solution for you. Centrally located in Los Angeles, California, Dream Medical Group is Dr. Kim’s wondrous workshop. Every procedure is his latest work of art! To benefit from Dream Medical Group’s expertise, book a consultation at your earliest convenience.

What Is a Non-Surgical Eye Lift?

If you want to perk up your perspective without preparing for (and recovering from) a surgical procedure, then you may want to consider the alternatives. Dr. Kim can create transformational results in minimally invasive ways. By applying the right injectable to address your needs, Dr. Kim can elevate your eyelines!

Dermal Fillers

As the skin around your eyes ages, it develops gaps. Older individuals do not replenish elastin or collagen as quickly as younger people, so these gaps can begin to sag and wrinkle. Dermal fillers do exactly as their name suggests: they fill the gaps below your skin. The following options offer miraculous ways to plump and perfect the drooping skin along your upper face. In essence, these fillers will “lift” your eyes without the need for surgery.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It supports the regeneration and maintenance of skin, blood vessels, bones, and other vital tissue. Bellafill is a collagen gel that contains PMML (polymethyl methacrylate) microspheres. PMML aids the collagen as it bonds and integrates seamlessly with your existing subdermal structures. Bellafill’s comprehensive approach delivers long-lasting results well beyond the date of your filler procedure.


Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. It cradles moisture and supports hydration beneath your skin. Juvederm harnesses the impressive power of hyaluronic acid, making it the ideal dermal filler for dry, sallow skin. To add volume and vitality to your upper face, make an appointment with Dr. Kim. He can discuss the benefits of Juvederm during your initial consultation. 


If you are struggling with loose skin, then Radiesse is a great solution. This non-toxic, water-based gel contains calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres. These supportive molecular structures provide shape and definition, acting as facial augmentations. Radiesse is the perfect solution to fill and smooth the glabellar lines found between eyebrows. Tear troughs are another area that can benefit from the welcome addition of Radiesse. The miraculous serum provides rejuvenating support by stimulating continued collagen production.


Delicate lines are often the most difficult to reduce. They form over years, creeping up on us without warning or mercy. Before you know it, they have teamed up to create deep creases that are difficult to ignore. Bothersome wrinkles require the soothing effects of Restylane, another member of the hyaluronic acid family of dermal fillers. By erasing the lines on your skin, Restylane helps you put your best face forward!


Sculptra is an amazing injectable option, boasting results that last as long as two years. By amplifying your skin’s innate ability to produce collagen, Sculptra bolsters your subdermal realm’s systems of support and rejuvenation. 

If your complexion lacks the fullness and vitality that you desire, Dr. Kenneth Kim can help. He can determine the right dermal filler to highlight your unique sense of beauty.

Botox and Dysport

While the aforementioned fillers plump the gap under a wrinkle, neuromodulators go to their root source. When your facial muscles contract, they pull at the skin. This produces creases that deepen over time. Neuromodulators stop the repetitive contraction of these muscles, relaxing your skin and eliminating wrinkles.


Botox is the most popular cosmetic enhancement in America. It delivers remarkable results in just a few minutes. By targeting the neural receptors that foster unwanted muscular activity, Botox ushers relaxation into your disposition. This miracle serum smooths wrinkles along the brow and erases lines around the temples. Botox is a “lunchtime lift,” providing remarkable results in the time it takes to eat a burger and fries.


Muscle contractions affect every face differently. Some frowns and scowls result in deep lines that are often found between the eyebrows. Dysport can ease these lines and liberate the upper facial region. This is the epitome of a non-surgical lift, raising the brow by relaxing the muscles beneath it. Dysport is in the same neuromodulator family as Botox, but it diffuses in different ways. Dr. Kim can discuss the similarities and subtleties of Botox and Dysport during your individualized consultation.

Fat Grafting

When you stare into the mirror, do you see lines that make your upper facial region appear empty? Dr. Kim can add definition and luster to your look by repurposing your own fat reserves. Fat grafting is a revolutionary way to fill in the gaps left behind by time and neglect.

Dr. Kim begins by assessing your anatomy and asking if you have any unwanted body fat that you want to put to great use. This may take the form of “love handles” or excess bulk on the buttocks, thighs, back, or hips.

If you want to use your own cells to add definition and volume to your face, please call (213) 700-4297 to learn more.

Next, Dr. Kim will make a gentle incision near the target area, wherever it may be. This incision is positioned strategically to hide it from everyday view. The doctor will insert a small tube, called a cannula, through the incision. The cannula delivers tumescent liquid to numb the area as it loosens unwanted fat.

Once the fat is softened, the cannula uses reverse pressure to vacuum out excess fat cells. Dr. Kim contours as he goes, optimizing the liposuction procedure for your aesthetic benefit. The fat that is removed gets purified until the lipids can be reintroduced to your body. Dr. Kim can inject this purified fat along your brow and under your eyes to create a lifting, luxurious effect!

Non-Incision Ptosis Correction

Dr. Kim has pioneered a minimally-invasive technique to correct ptosis (drooping) without making an external incision. By flipping the eyelid, Dr. Kim creates the appearance of larger, perkier eyes. With as few as one or two sutures, the doctor secures the lids in place, opening the patient’s look and erasing the years without the need for surgery.

There are no visible scars since the eyelid is flipped in on itself. Non-incision ptosis correction only requires one day of downtime, but the results are astounding and long-lasting!

Benefits of Non-Surgical Eye Lift

If you want to give your look a gentle boost but do not have the time or resources for an extensive procedure, then a non-surgical eye lift may be perfect for you. One of the major benefits of taking the non-surgical route is how quick it is. Many injectables can be administered in 15 or 20 minutes, allowing you to resume your normal activities immediately following a procedure.

Candidates for Injectables

Eligible candidates for a non-surgical eye lift include healthy women and men who struggle with any of the following conditions:
  • Droopy eyes
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Lax skin along the brow
  • General aging in the upper face

Personal Consultation in Los Angeles

The experts at Dream Medical Group can assess your goals and address your cosmetic needs. Whether you want to correct droopy eyelids or simply plump your sagging facial features, Dr. Kim can help. Please visit our blog to learn more about our diligence, dedication, and determination to improve your outlook!

Non-Surgical Eye Lift Procedure(s)

The exact nature of your procedure will depend on the specific remedies you and Dr. Kim choose to pursue. If you need to immobilize pesky facial lines, then Botox is ideal. Plumping is more suited to dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. Fat grafting takes longer, but harnesses the power of your own fat to replenish slack facial features. Contact Dream Medical Group to schedule an appointment and discuss the best non-surgical eye lift options for you!

Non-Surgical Eye Lift Procedure(s)

Compared to eye lift surgical methods, injectables are less invasive. The recovery time is negligible – you can be back to work (or play) immediately! Please avoid itching or rubbing your injection sites so as not to irritate them. Allow the serum to do its work as you sit back and enjoy a perkier-looking upper face.

Beautiful Results

Dermal fillers go to work immediately, filling the hollow spaces around the eyes to raise your profile and lift your spirits. Botox may take two to seven days to take full effect, but its results can last for up to six months! Dr. Kim is excited to be the copilot on your aesthetic journey. Contact our Los Angeles office to set sail toward a brighter tomorrow… today!


How much does a non-surgical eye lift cost in Los Angeles?

Many factors determine the price of an eye lift procedure: for example, the type of injectable you want and the number of units you need. To discuss cost and schedule, please call (213) 700-4297 to reach one of our attentive team members.

What is the best treatment for droopy eyelids?

Everyone experiences aging differently. Some faces need a helping hand while others require a gentle boost. Whether you want to correct droopy eyelids surgically or lift your features with the help of minimally-invasive injectables, Dr. Kim can help.

*Results May Vary