Can Asian eyelid surgery make my eyes look bigger?

Asian Eyelid Surgery

There are two primary ways to make Asian people have bigger eyes.  The first is by creating a double fold eyelid.  This will work if the Asian patient has a monolid.  By changing a monolid to a double eyelid, the excess skin is removed.  Therefore, the patient will not only have double lidded eyes but larger eyes too. This is due to eye hooding being removed, resulting in the eyes dimension becoming larger. 

This can be achieved with either the non-incision suture method (stitch method), double eyelid surgery method or from the incision open method double eyelid surgery.  By removing hooding, more eye will show.  It is not the size of the double lid that will make the eyes appear larger – as the height or the size of the double lid does not affect the actual size of the eye palpebral fissure dimension.

Another method commonly used to increase the eye size is eyelid ptosis surgery.  Eyelid ptosis is a process where the eyelid elevating muscle (levator muscle or levator aponeurosis) is tightened and therefore strengthened.

By increasing the effectiveness of this muscle, eyes will open wider and therefore increase the size of the eye-opening.  Eyelid ptosis surgery can be performed in conjunction with the double eyelid surgery when the monolid is changed to the double lid.  Eyelid ptosis is an integral part of Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery.  Historically, Korean patients have been interested in making their eyes larger for a long time. 

Other methods include increasing the horizontal dimension of the eyes by performing epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty.

Eyelid Specialist

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a specialist in making eyes larger.  Dr. Kim has performed thousands of double eyelid surgery and eyelid ptosis surgery.  Dr. Kenneth Kim also performs epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty in Asians.  He brings the latest Korean eyelid surgery techniques from South Korea to Los Angeles, California.  Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an assistant clinical professor at UCLA School of Medicine.  Dr. Kim lectures on eye enlargement surgery both in the United States and in South Korea.

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