Can Asian Eyelid Surgery Make My Eyes Look Bigger?

There are two primary ways to make Asian people have bigger eyes.

The first is by creating a double fold eyelid. This will work if the Asian patient has a monolid. By changing a monolid to a double eyelid, excess skin is removed. Therefore, the patient will not only have double-lidded eyes but larger eyes too. This is due to eye hooding being removed, resulting in the eyes’ dimension becoming larger.

This can be achieved with either the non-incision suture method (stitch method), double eyelid surgery method or from the incision open method double eyelid surgery.  By removing hooding, more eye will show.  It is not the size of the double lid that will make the eyes appear larger – as the height or the size of the double lid does not affect the actual size of the eye palpebral fissure dimension.

Another method commonly used to increase the eye size is eyelid ptosis surgery.  Eyelid ptosis is a process where the eyelid’s elevating muscle (levator muscle or levator aponeurosis) is tightened and therefore strengthened.

By increasing the effectiveness of this muscle, eyes will open wider and increase the size of the eye-opening. Eyelid ptosis surgery can be performed in conjunction with the double eyelid surgery when the monolid is changed to the double lid. Eyelid ptosis is an integral part of Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery. Historically, Korean patients have been interested in making their eyes larger for a long time.

Other methods include increasing the horizontal dimension of the eyes by performing epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty.

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a specialist in making eyes larger. He has performed thousands of double eyelid surgeries and eyelid ptosis surgeries.

Dr. Kim also performs epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty in Asians. He brings the latest Korean eyelid surgery techniques from South Korea to Los Angeles, California.  Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an assistant clinical professor at UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Kim lectures on eye enlargement surgery both in the United States and in South Korea.

How do you make a double eyelid look natural?

One of the simplest ways to make a double fold eyelid look natural is by performing non-incision double eyelid surgery. This is also called a suture technique double lid surgery or a stitch double eyelid surgery.

The advantage of this method is that the technique does not require an incision. The result looks natural because there is no scar.

Instead of an incision, a stitch is used to make the double eyelid fold. However, this non-incision method can only be used in Asian patients without eyelid ptosis or excess skin hooding.

In patients requiring an incision to create a double lid, an open or standard double eyelid surgery is required. In these patients, the monolid is surgically incised to create a connection from the skin to the deeper layer of the eyelid.  The deeper layers are either levator aponeurosis or the tarsal plate. However, if this connection is not done perfectly with an equal amount of tension, then a visible scar can be seen.

To create the most natural double lid, equal tension needs to be applied uniformly along the entire monolid to convert the lid to a double lid.

The plastic surgeon must be extremely meticulous to distribute the tension along the entire monolid in these Asian patients. In addition, patients with eyelid ptosis, the eyelid elevating or lifting muscle needs to be tightened or strengthened in order to give a brighter look.

Dr. Kenneth Kim specializes in creating natural double-fold eyelids. He has performed thousands of double lid surgeries where the monolid was changed to double-lidded eyes. Dr. Kim is an expert in Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Kim will show videos of eyelids opening and closing to see how natural double eyelids appear.

Natural Appearing Double Eyelid Surgery

Many patients desire naturally appearing double eyelid surgery results.

A natural eyelid can be achieved if the suture technique is applied. However, many patients are not a candidate for a suture procedure. When an incision or open technique double eyelid or Asian eyelid surgery is required, it is important that it appears as natural as possible. We can make your results as natural as someone who was born with their own double eyelid folds.

At the consultation with your plastic surgeon, you should ask to see the scar of the incision.

The best way to evaluate the postsurgical double eyelid fold is to look at the high-resolution photo but also to look at the video. By looking at the video of the double eyelid fold scar, you can see if the double eyelid folds move uniformly. In addition, when the eyes are closed, it should be flat with the surrounding skin–not indented or depressed. And when the eyes open, the double eyelid fold should invaginate or fold inward. Only by looking at videos can you determine how natural the Asian eyelid surgical result is.

Harmonious Double Eyelid Fold

A typical incision double eyelid fold does not look as natural as a non-incision double eyelid fold. Non-incision surgery is also known as the suture technique. The reason why the typical incision technique does not look as natural is because the double eyelid fold does not move harmoniously. This is because the eyelid folds are made separately along the desired fold height. Typically, the sutures are attached from the eyelid skin to the deeper layer of the eyelid to create the double fold. As these sutures are tied, it creates a deep and noticeable scar. In addition, because these sutures are tied individually, the double fold does not move succinctly. The double eyelid fold is static and the double eyelid fold is permanently depressed and tied down.

This advanced double eyelid fold is created by attaching the individual, multiple sutures in a continuous fashion.

A harmonious double eyelid fold works opposite from the static, traditional incision double eyelid fold. All the individual attachments are united, allowing the eyelid fold to move in a harmonious way. Another advantage is that the eyelid fold does not look depressed when the eyes are closed. The double eyelid is smooth and folds inwards only when the eyes are open. Therefore, the double eyelid fold appears as if it is a natural crease.

The result of the harmonious double eyelid fold is a comfortable, natural, and beautiful outcome.

Another advantage of the harmonious double eyelid fold is that it does not add any additional weight to the eyelid from the internal scar. The typical incision creates a scar as the folds are made from the skin to the deeper eyelid layer. However, the advanced harmonious double eyelid fold is created without dissecting deep into the eyelid. Therefore, the internal scar is not created.

What Makes a Double Eyelid Fold Look Natural?

There are two ways to make a double fold eyelid look natural.

One way is to perform a suture technique double eyelid surgery. A suture or non-incision double eyelid surgery will lead to a natural double-fold eyelid because no incision is made on the eyelid. However, there are many Asian patients that require incision double eyelid surgery. This is because these patients have excess eyelid skin. Unless the excess or hooding eyelid skin is removed, the double eyelid fold will be covered by the excess eyelid skin. Therefore, it is challenging to make the incision look natural.

When a monolid is changed to a double eyelid by making an incision, the key factor is to make the double eyelid move harmoniously during the eyelid opening and closure.

This is called a dynamic double eyelid fold. A dynamic double eyelid fold moves when the eyelid opens and closes. Therefore, the eyelid is not static. In a typical incision double eyelid surgery, the skin is attached to the underlying levator aponeurosis or tarsus. The skin is tightly anchored down to these deeper structures. However, in a monolid surgery where a natural double eyelid fold is desired, a movement of the double eyelid fold is paramount in creating natural double lidded eyes.

Eyelid Surgery with Specialist Dr. Kenneth Kim

Dr. Kenneth Kim is located in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Kim has a unique method of making the incision double eyelid look as natural as if a patient never received double eyelid surgery and were born with a double lid. Dr. Kenneth Kim is an author of the published literature Double-Eyelid Surgery Using Septoaponeurosis Junctional Thickening Results in Dynamic Fold in Asians.

Dr. Kenneth Kim was a senior author in this publication as he has collaborated with many top Korean plastic surgeons in Korea.

During the consultation, Dr. Kim will show the patient videos of how natural incision double-fold eyelids are. He will compare the operated incision double eyelid to a non-operated eyelid to show that they look almost identical. This is another example of the advanced technique of a Korean eyelid surgery compared to typical Asian eyelid surgery.