What Is Unique About Male Double Eyelid Surgery?

Do Asian male and Asian females require a different approach when it comes to Asian eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery?

Should the double eyelid fold or double eyelid crease be set at a different height? Should the shape or the design of the double eyelid fold be different?

The answer is Yes. There are a few things that are unique about double eyelid surgery for men. The first thing is the size of the double-fold eyelid. The fold should be smaller than female double-fold eyelid. This is because, on average, Asian males have a smaller double lid. The monolid should be designed much lower at a height between 4mm to 7mm.

So how does the plastic surgeon decide which height to choose to create the double lid?

If the male monolid does not have any excess skin, then the fold should be set low at around 4mm. However, if the male monolid has excess skin, then the double eyelid fold height should be set higher on the monolid at around 7mm to create double-lidded eyes. If the patient has significant excess upper eyelid skin, the excess upper eyelid skin can be excised at the same time the monolid is created into the double eyelid.

Another very important aspect of male double eyelid surgery for Asian eyes is that the double- lidded eyes should not have visible scars because men do not typically wear makeup on their eyelids.

Therefore, it is especially imperative that the double fold eyelid does not leave a noticeable scar. One way to create a non-visible double lid is by using a suture technique. This is also known as non-incision double eyelid surgery where an incision is not made on the eyelid to create double lidded eyes. This creates a natural-looking double eyelid without any scarring. However, if the patient has excess upper eyelid skin hooding, then an incision double eyelid technique must be performed.

The key aspect is to make the incision of the double lid look as natural as possible.

Dr. Kim has a unique method to make the Asian male eyelid look as natural as possible. During the consultation, Dr. Kim explains how high the double fold eyelid should be and whether or not the excess skin should be excised. Dr. Kim has worked with top Korean plastic surgeons using the most innovative Korean eyelid surgery practices that produce optimal results in patients with monolids or pre-existing double eyelid folds.

Asian Eyelid Surgery or Double Eyelid Surgery in Asian Males

Asian male patients often desire a smaller double eyelid fold or crease.

Asian males often want a smaller double eyelid fold because they often start with no double eyelid fold or a very small double eyelid crease. Therefore, when creating an Asian eyelid fold for men, the double eyelid should not undergo a significant change in height or appearance.

In addition, an epicanthoplasty is often not performed because this changes the appearance significantly.

When creating a lower double eyelid fold or low double eyelid crease, it is important not to flip the eyelashes more than 90 degrees. Over flipping, (over eversion) of the eyelash will show the inner part of the eyelid and the patient will look unnatural. Technically, this is accomplished by setting the double eyelid fold to the lower aspect of the levator aponeurosis and the tarsus.

Lastly, skin excision of the eyelid should be done to remove some of the excess Asian eyelid skin.

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Kim operates on both Asian males and females patients. Dr. Kim also operates on many other races. By operating on other races, Dr. Kim can see what kind of double eyelid fold or double eyelid crease will look the best for the face. Dr. Kenneth Kim has operated on thousands of different eyelids and will go over different types of double eyelid fold and crease during the consultation.