What causes double eyelid asymmetry and how do you correct it?

One of the causes of double eyelid asymmetry is when an eyelid muscle known as the levator muscle becomes weak. When the monolid is surgically changed to double eyelid, the skin on the eyelid is attached to the deeper layer such as the levator aponeurosis or the tarsus. However, if one of the levator muscles is weak, then the double fold will appear larger than the other eyelid.

When the weight of the eyelid skin is connected to the levator muscle in the act of creating a double lid, the weak muscle cannot support the excess weight. Thus, not only will the double lidded eyes look asymmetric, but the weaker levator muscle side will also feel heavier to the patient. The way to correct this asymmetric double lid is to perform a ptosis surgery. Ptosis surgery can be performed at the time of the double fold eyelid revision surgery.

Another reason for asymmetric double-fold eyelid is that one side of the brow can droop more than the other side. When one side of the brow is droopy, then it will make the double eyelid fold appear smaller than the other side without the brow ptosis. Thus, even though the double fold was set exactly the same height, the asymmetric brow descent will make the eyes appear asymmetric. The way to correct this problem is either to perform a forehead lift or a brow lift. This procedure will lift both brows to the same height and correct the asymmetric double-fold eyelid. Another method to correct uneven double-fold eyelids is to perform a sub-brow lift on the side where the brow is droopy. By excising the skin immediately below the brow, the plastic surgeon effectively lifts the eyelid skin to show more of the double fold eyelid.

About Dr. Kenneth Kim

Dr. Kenneth Kim specializes in Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery. Dr. Kim has extensive experience correcting asymmetric double eyelids at his practice. Dr. Kim’s practice is in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. During the consultation, Dr. Kenneth Kim will explain the causes of the double eyelid fold asymmetry and how to correct them to create symmetrical double lidded eyes.

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