What kind of eyelids do Koreans have?

Many people believe that all Koreans have double eyelids, but the majority of them have monolids. Due to the K-Pop phenomenon and the large popularity of Korean dramas and Korean media appearances, you can see that all these entertainers have double eyelids. In reality, the majority of them have monolids and have undergone double eyelid surgery.

Double eyelid surgery is a procedure to create a double eyelid fold in the upper eyelid. This procedure can be done with a non-cutting method, which involves sutures or making an incision to create the eyelid fold. The benefit of the non-cutting/suture method is creating a visible crease above the eyelid which the suture holds and secures the hood of the eyelid. The incision technique involves cutting a crease along the curvature of the eyelid, creating a fold while reducing the hooded eyelid skin.

As you can tell, Korean eyelids are usually monolid and that Koreans have undergone the conversion from monolid to double eyelid. The correct term for this conversion is double fold eyelid surgery which is when a monolid is turned to a double eyelid. Does this mean they have double lidded eyes? The answer to that is that these double eyelids are actually a double fold eyelid. This is accomplished by having a blepharoplasty Asian eye surgery.

In conclusion, blepharoplasty Asian eyes entail on operation on a monolid and creating a double lid or converting the monolid into a double eyelid. Now people may perceive these patients to have a natural eyelid, but as you can tell this is surgically created. It is worthwhile to note that Koreans undergo more double eyelid surgery than any other race.

Dr. Kenneth Kim, M.D. is a board-certified surgeon born in South Korea and has partnered with Dream Medical Group. He has collaborated with Dream Medical Group and top surgeons located in South Korea. Dr. Kim has published numerous articles in eyelid surgery and eye ptosis surgery. Dr. Kim specializes in the most natural appearing double eyelid.

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