What Kind of Eyelids Do Koreans Have?

Many people believe that all Koreans have double eyelids, but the majority of them have monolids.

Due to the K-Pop phenomenon and the large popularity of Korean dramas and Korean media appearances, the primary Koreans seen by the world have double eyelids – leading people to believe that Koreans have a natural double fold. In reality, the general Korean population has monolids.

Double fold eyelid surgery is a very popular cosmetic procedure in Korea!

Double eyelid surgery is a procedure to create a double eyelid fold in the upper eyelid. This procedure can be done with a non-cutting method, which involves sutures or in an invasive surgery that creates an eyelid fold through a strategic incision.

The benefit of the non-cutting/suture method is that it doesn’t require an incision. A visible crease above the eyelid is created with a suture that holds and secures the hood of the eyelid.

The incision technique involves cutting a crease along the curvature of the eyelid. This incision creates a fold while reducing the hooded eyelid skin.

The surgical term for this conversion is double fold eyelid surgery, during which the monolid is turned to a double eyelid. Does this mean they have double lidded eyes? No, these eyelids actually have a double fold along them. This double fold is accomplished by having a blepharoplasty Asian eye surgery.

Many of our patients who receive a blepharoplasty are perceived as having a natural eyelid. It is worthwhile to note that Koreans undergo more double eyelid surgery than any other race.

Dr. Kenneth Kim, M.D. is a board-certified surgeon born in South Korea. He is partnered with Dream Medical Group and regularly collaborates with top surgeons in South Korea so as to stay on the cutting-edge of eyelid surgery.

Dr. Kim has published numerous articles on eyelid surgery and eye ptosis surgery and specializes in the most natural appearing double eyelid.

What is the Most Popular Korean Eyelid Surgery?

Korean eyelid surgery is synonymous with double eyelid surgery. Because double-fold eyelid surgery is so common among Koreans, it is also sometimes referred to as Korean eyelid surgery.  Double fold eyelid surgery is when a monolid is converted to double eyelid. Korean patients typically receive this double lid surgery when they are in their late teenage years. In these young Korean patients, double-lidded eyes are created without making an incision.

This is known as a “suture double eyelid surgery” or “stitch method double eyelid surgery. In a young patient with monolids, double eyelid surgery is an effective way to create a double lid.

The second most common type of Korean eyelid surgery is called revision double eyelid surgery.  Patients require a revision double eyelid surgery due to a variety of factors, but one of the most common reasons to undergo Asian eyelid surgery is that the double eyelid fold has become loose or shrunk. In these cases, an incision double eyelid surgery should be performed. By making an incision, the double lid is made more secure because the physical connection is made from collagen rather than relying purely on a suture. Another common reason for needing revision double eyelid surgery is double eyelid folds that are uneven. In these cases, the patient can have double eyelid surgery on one eyelid or both eyelids to restore balance. Often, the patient has a weakened levator muscle which is responsible for holding up the eyelid.

Dr. Kenneth Kim performs eyelid surgery while the patient is awake, but sedated.

Either a non-incision or incision method will be performed. Dr. Kenneth Kim performs all types of eyelid surgery at his practice and has significant experience with the most advanced double eyelid techniques. During a consultation, Dr. Kenneth Kim will explain which method will give you the most aesthetically-pleasing results.

What is Special About Korean Eyelid Surgery?

Korean eyelid surgery is different than typical Asian eyelid surgery in a few ways. Korean eyelid surgery focuses on minimizing incision scars. This is especially important in double fold eyelid surgery. First of all, Korean plastic surgeons have innovated the suture technique double eyelid surgery. Suture technique double eyelid surgery is a way to change a monolid to a double lid without making an incision. The problem of the suture method double eyelid surgery is that the double-lidded eyes can lose the double eyelid fold.

Korean plastic surgeons have developed methods to minimize this complication. For incision double eyelid fold creation, the Korean plastic surgeons have developed ways to prevent visible scars from occurring even though a skin incision is made.

Therefore, Korean eyelid surgery is much more elegant and advanced than typical Asian eyelid surgery techniques.

Other aspects of Korean eyelid surgery that are unique compared to Asian eyelid surgery are the aesthetics of the double eyelid fold design and the biomechanics of the eyelid elevation. Korean plastic surgeons have studied and created the most beautiful Asian eyes. Therefore, the design of the double eyelid fold is much more elegant and sophisticated compared to the standard Asian double eyelid folds.

In addition, when the monolid is changed to the double lid, the excess skin and the downward force of the epicanthal fold band is removed.

The patients who receive double eyelid surgery will experience a much lighter feel to his or her eyelids. The result is not only a lighter feel to the eyelid but also a larger, brighter, and more glamorous look to the eyes.

Why Eyelid Surgery With Dr. Kim?

Dr. Kenneth Kim has trained in South Korea for three years and has worked with Korean plastic surgeons to improve the field of double eyelid surgery. Dr. Kenneth Kim specializes in making the most natural double eyelid folds. His double eyelid folds are dynamic so that when the patient opens and closes their eyes, the double eyelid folds will move evenly together. Dr. Kenneth Kim also specializes in eyelid ptosis surgery. Eyelid ptosis surgery can be performed at the time of the double fold eyelid surgery. Thus, unlike the typical Asian eyelid surgery results, Dr. Kenneth Kim will apply the most advanced Korean eyelid surgery techniques to produce the most optimal Korean eyelid results.

Is there a difference between Asian Eyelid Surgery and Korean Eyelid Surgery?

Many people may think there is no difference between Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery.

The Asian eyelid surgery includes double-fold eyelid surgery, which is a conversion of a monolid to a double eyelid. It is about creating a double lid or creating a double-lidded eye.  Asian eyelid surgery also includes lower eyelid surgery, epicanthoplastylateral canthoplasty, eyelid ptosis surgery, and sub-brow lift surgery.

Then, what is unique about Korean eyelid surgery? How does it differ from Asian eyelid surgery?

Korean eyelid surgery also includes double-fold eyelid surgery and the change of the monolid to double eyelid. The key difference is the result of the double-fold eyelid. Korean eyelid surgery often includes non-incision double eyelid surgery or the stitch method double eyelid surgery.

The advantage of this double eyelid surgery is that the results achieved look natural. Korean eyelid surgery includes advances in eyelid ptosis surgery and epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty.

Simply put, Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery include the same surgeries.  However, Korean eyelid surgery includes more advanced techniques and a more natural result.

Although double eyelid surgery is the main component of Asian eyelid surgery and Korean eyelid surgery, any surgery on the eyelids of Asians is categorized in these two surgery types.

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